Storm Lee and Diva Fever booted out in X Factor double elimination

Camp duo Diva Fever and unlikeable rocker Storm Lee have been eliminated from [[The X Factor 2010|X Factor]] tonight.

After a tepid performance of Bruce Springsteen’s Born To Run on the Saturday night show, the aspiring Scottish rocker Storm Lee was the first to go. He seemed gobsmacked by the news, but commandeered Dermot O’Leary’s microphone to remind the public…

I just want everyone out there who has ever believed in something, to never ever give up because you have not seen the best of me yet.

We’re not entirely sure what he means there. People who have dreams shouldn’t give up because they haven’t seen the best of Storm Lee yet? Regardless of that confusing soundbyte, the nation roared at their TV screens, “Maybe not, but we’ve definitely seen the last of you!”

Storm later complained that the judges had criticised him for aspects of his performances, then went on to praise other singers for the same things. Clearly he felt that there had been enough negative press, coupled with Simon Cowell’s early dislike for him that had cost him the competition.

Simon ended up with two of his acts in a sing-off. Diva Fever ended up singing for survival against girl group Belle Amie. It was a close run thing, because Diva Fever had a quite tired sounding version of I Will Survive, while Belle Amie sang Fergie’s Big Girls Don’t Cry rather tunelessly.

Though the nation was waiting for Simon to have to make the tough decision to send one of his own acts home, the other judges spared him the pain. Cheryl Cole, Dannii Minogue and Louis Walsh unaminously voted for Belle Amie to stay, sending Diva Fever home. Even though, technically, Diva Fever were better singers, Belle Amie are clearly more marketable (providing they can learn to sing in tune).

Simon went on to apologise to Diva Fever for forcing the song choice on them and took full responsibility, saying “I’ve let you down.”

So, it’s a bittersweet moment on X Factor tonight – on one hand, we’ve lost Storm Lee (good news), but we’ve also lost the campy, fun, Diva Fever. Who would you have liked to go home tonight instead? Or was the result right for you?

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  1. Ageing tart

    I’m really pleased that I don’t watch this show on a Saturday anymore. Some Saturdays I’m out enjoying myself and others I stay in to watch Merlin and Casualty.

    I catch up with what I’ve missed the following day.

    This week I was told to listen out for Rebecca. So I did on Sunday, but you know something the more the production team big the show up the less vocal quality seems apparent. So much so that with the exception of Matt and Mary this week the rest was a real shower.

    The fact that I am thinking this is sad because I do know the show has some people on it who can sing. Tracy can sing and so can Rebecca, so the fact that I found there performances not up to scratch either is disappointing.

    I’m surprised Wagner is still in this show and thought that he must be going tonight surely.

    TBH I think Storm Lee is really a mediocre artist trying to make it big and he simply doesn’t have what it takes, and I don’t believe that is being nasty its just honesty. I have no doubt that in his pub and club environment people enjoy listening to him entertain, but this is one step to far. But I do feel for him, he feels that after a few years of being in his region its time to move up a bit, but sadly for the vast majority of artists they tend not to. This does not make them any less professional its just that his level of success has been set by his own abilities. At least he can say he’s given it a crack.

    Diva Fever will always find work as an entertaining pair, holiday camps, festivals, events, fund raising nights etc. If they cross dressed ever they’d never be out of work on the gay entertainment circuit, they are a hit. But maybe’s not an x factor hit.

    I’d like to see the show drummed down as far as the screaming crowd is concerned, and the mechanical backing tracks done away with. I’d like the show to go live with a small music ensemble and a pianist, the public needs to know whether the people they have got left can really sing.

    Give them a ballad to sing perfectly for the groups a ballad to work out the harmonies with, lets hear if they can really sing. No more belting and screaming, just a straight forward song. Its not to much to ask after all if a singer wants to sing and be known nationally that they can prove they can actually sing.

    So far we have heard only snippets of singing ability with the auditions but in a professional audition you get to do far more than 30 seconds to a minute on a song. You get a full verse and a full chorus at the very least and if the professional panel like you, a singer auditioning for a professional show gets to sing another song right through. We have not seen this with any of the auditions as all of them have been serious edited versions of the chosen songs.

    I’m saying this because if you don’t start encouraging this from an early stage in the competition, the viewer does not get to hear whether the singer can pace a song through, for its rise and fall in dynamic volume, tempo changes, key changes etc and we don’t hear how they interact with a live pianist or small ensemble either.

    Instead what we have is a big bigged up sound system with very loud backing discs and the singing aspect is almost drowned out so much so it could look like they were miming.


    AGeing tart 

    1. Jovine in France

      Ageing Tart,

      I could not have expressed this comment better, but unfortunately this would not work as it seems to me that the public enjoy gimmicks and weird personalities not great singers. Example last year there was a beautiful young singer JOE MCELDERRY and a very mediocre singer OLLY MURS. When their singles were released Olly was everywhere on the radio and even promoted his by promising to strip and Joe was hardly aired at all on the London Stations. Joe sells music not sex but unfortunately Olly’s gimmick worked  and he reached number one in the charts the first  week of release and Joe number six. So what does this tell you.

      Jovine in France


      1. Ageing tart

        Its not supposed to happen as its illegal, but I think your saying the radio stations are being paid to give air time to one artists efforts over another.

        Although I’m sure Olly released his single a good fortnight or more earlier than Joe’s. So if you were taking a snapshop of time than you would have the wrong time shot.

        I also think you have to consider the fact that at the early stages of Joes winning the X factor streak there was a lot of controversy created by facebook pushing another single wrongly in my view, which led to a very poor start for Joe. As his single at christmas could only sell 650.000 approximately against RATM who obviously sold far more because of the hate package hitting out at the tv reality programme known as the X factor.

        As a singer and musician myself, I wouldn’t have minded Joe being expected to compete in a normal way with whatever new releases were up and coming, but there was a very vicious hate campaign going on against Simon Cowell at the time and the reason it was wrongly placed is due to the fact that the group who did get to number one, were already a successful band with a recording contract.

        So here we have the baby competing with the experienced didn’t seem right.

        Now a full year has passed and whatever marketing has taken place has been minimal. I’ve heard the single from Joe 5 times in total in the last week and that’s it. Radio and tv performance and clip.

        I don’t mind the odd gimmick or quirky song, but I’d like to get beyond that, I want to hear singers sing. Otherwise one quirky number can very quickly sound like another and then another and eventually they all sound the same. Quiirky does not make for memorable tunes. Dance routines do not make up for memorable tunes either.

        But I tell you what Eliza Doolittle’s song “Pack up your troubles” is still going around in my head, so for a quirky number that one works.


        Ageing tart

  2. Ageing tart

    Quirky numbers at one time in musical history used to mean novelty songs.

    A novelty song was a silly number drafted to make you laugh, cry, dance or maybe do silly actions. The tunes that were quirky in the past were all tuneful and memorable and some were million sellers.

    So novelty songs or quirky songs are not all bad. They just have to be memorable.

    Anyone for “Little Arrows”,”The Ship John B”, “My ding a ling”, “Why worry”, “Shut uppa ya face”, “The birdie song”, “Agado,” “The music man”,”YMCA”

    Great for parties.


    Ageing tart

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