Summer Anthem 2010

Well, as the date for the competition nears, I thought I’d make public the competition for Summer Anthem 2010. It’s basically a competition where you can vote for your favourite song of the summer, and how summery that particular songs makes you feel.

Now, obviously, with all competitions, there are rules and regulations:


The poll will be created and a link posted on here on the week commencing AUGUST 23RD, in order to let the singles released on the closing week of the poll to chart.

You can vote however many times you want for your favourite summer single.

You can vote for more than one single.

Every song in the list will have to have been released between June 1, 2010 and August 17, 2010 (inclusive) to qualify for the poll.

All the songs featured in the poll MUST have charted within the UK Top 40 to even get a look in.

Only one song per artist can feature in the poll. If an artist has released two songs between the designated dates, the highest charting of the two will automatically have priority.

Only singles which have received an official UK release will qualify. No tracks from a leaked album will be taken into account.

If a track has a release date announced after August 17th, yet has managed to peak in the UK Top 40 early, it will be ignored as it will not have received it’s offical release before the closing date previously stated.

Please do not feel you have to be biased towards your favourite artists should they appear in the poll. Please vote solely on the single and how well it encapsulates the summer vibe.

The poll will open on the 23rd August, 2010, and close exactly two weeks later, on 6th September, 2010.

To prevent votes cast after the closing date being counted, the poll will be deleted and the link disabled after the results have been collated.

These instructions and restrictions are final.

So, on August 23rd you’ll all get the chance to see the possible contenders from Summer Anthem 2010, they’ll be posted on here in a list. Then you can click on a link which will take you to the poll in which all the above intrusctions and restrictions will apply. You can then vote for your favourite.



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