Syfy’s Being Human, Episode 10 – Dog Eat Dog – Spoilers

Now that our beloved UK version of Being Human has wrapped up its third series, we can turn our attention to the also-extremely-good Syfy version. Syfy’s series has developed its own personality since it started a while back, and it’s always fascinating to watch the differences between the American and British versions.

The next episode of Being Human is called Dog Eat Dog, and in the spoiler clip below, you’ll see Aidan restraining Rebecca while she cries for a vampire child who’s been put down. Bishop is also heard telling the two of them to keep the noise down in case they wake the Dutch. Interesting – are the Dutch the equivalent of the ‘old ones’ who were mentioned in the finale of the British series?

Most shocking spoiler? Knowing that Aidan had a son. And possibly also the details of the wide-ranging vampire network that goes all the way to the Pennsylvania (as opposed to Transylvania? I like it!) Dutch and Amish country.

Dog Eat Dog airs in the US on Monday night on Syfy.

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