X Factor- We’re at the end of another series!

X Factor- We’re at the end of another series! Tonight either Sam Bailey or Nicholas McDonald will be crowned the winner of the tenth series of The X Factor. It’s been an eventful series and now we are down to two people. Who will win? The 10th series of X Factor began with the arrival…

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Getting an agent and auditions

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I am new to this site but am looking for a little advice. I am currently looking to find a manager or agent and dont know where to begin. I am based in the north west and unfortunately did not have the money to go to drama school but decided to go to university and…

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Combat Hospital

Combat Hospital is a new medical drama from the American ABC network…it is a summer filler type of product so my expectations of it were not high. The show features many recognisable faces from a host of other series…though most of them had also ran type parts. Frankly many of them appear not to have been able to land a better part in a better show and to have taken their roles out of desperation.

Combat Hospital is set in Kandahar Afghanistan circa 2006. It attempts to depict fictional scenes surrounding “the only military hospital providing advanced surgical care in all of Southern Afghanistan, and charts the frantic lives of the hospital’s resident doctors and nurses from Canada, America, the U.K. and other allied countries”.

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HEY! i received a messages from someone on here saying they only found of they were through to glasgow yesterday and the auditions on tuesday? Birmingham auditions are after that, so maybe we might find out, please comment if you’ve found out you have an audition for birmingham next week/ when/if you hear :D<3…

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Primeval S03E03 – A reply to Gerard’s review

I was replying to Gerard’s review of this episode and realised my comment was ridiculously long so I’ve made it into a blog post instead. Basically I picked out quotes of his (in italics) and added my own commentary.

The third episode of Primeval pushed all the right buttons and came out better than the Time Lord and medieval do-gooder.

I think this had more to do with the fact iPlayer is good and CatchUp is crap more than anything. Plus Doctor Who was repeated on terrestrial whereas Primeval is only repeated on itv2 (and i refuse to accept that the majority of people probably do have itv2 and it’s just me in the dark ages).


A mini-invasion of Diictodons…

SO CUTE. OMFG. SO CUTE. I WANT ONE. I can’t wait to see how Rex reacts when they get home and also can’t wait for the plushes to come out.


Helen Cutter’s nefarious scheme is revealed – she’s creating voice controlled suicide-bomber clones

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The Apprentice 2009 *Finally*… but are the contestants anything to shout about?

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I’ve been anxiously awaiting the first episode of this series to start – probably since the last series finished. I find the show fantastic it’s got a mix of reality tv and a sense of a fly-on-the-wall entrepreneur documentary to it! And I think from both points of view they’ve carefully arranged the candidates in the hope that they’re high self opinions and personalities will clash.

Well, todays lauch episode of 2009 saw a candidate leaving – even before the process began! Leaving the boys team one man down…

The Task!

The first task was pretty much a hands on graft, split up into two teams – Men vs Women, They were provided a budget of £200 and given access to a van per team with cleaning products which they could buy and/or hire. Firstly the teams chose which products they needed and although neither teams appeared to really consider cost vs requirements, the womens team seemed to think that the £200 was a target and not a limit!

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