Album Review: The Hoosiers - 'The Illusion Of Safety'

Back in 2007, the stale, repetitive, R&B-dominated charts was subjected to quite an earthquake. That earthquake cam in the form of bubble-gum pop and glam-pop; in hibernation for many years, the genre itself is like a volcano - it will not die down for very long.

The last time glam-pop dominated the charts was back in the 70's, with a few major hits on the 80's, but then synth-Britannia put a cork on the 12-inch heels, the big hair, the glittery flares, the raging falsettos and tight leather trousers and the list goes on.

Come the beginning of 2007, it looked to be a similarly dull year, with the launch of Leona Lewis' solo career thanks to the Christmas #1 being 'Bleeding Love' (who knew back then the Excrement Factor would become the force it is today?), but then along came Mika; he paved the gateway for many more like him - aswell as bringing the Scissor Sisters' back bigger than ever - thanks to the more welcome sound after their rocky UK start. Whether you like them or not, both Mika and the Scissor Sisters were huge turning point for reviving the recycled garbage in the charts.

VIDEO REVIEW: Cheryl Cole: 'Fight For This Love'

Just like her mentoree on the X-Factor, Cheryl Cole has decided to release the music video for her proper debut single the other day. Well, rather than write a big long rambling review like I did for Alex, I'm gonna keep it short and sweet with Cheryl. Mainly because where as Alexandra's vid had a plot, Cheryl's doesn't. That doesn't make it bad however. Seeing as Cheryl is a tabloid darling, I always expected her debut video to be waaaay overblown and attention seeking! I expected Cheryl to be hopping about in gold hotpants, lying on a human armchair of half naked men and probably shooting lasers out of her eyes. That would be some video, actually! I must pitch it to the music industry...

VIDEO REVIEW: Alexandra Burke featuring Flo Rida: 'Bad Boys'

It seems like an age rather than a mere three and a half weeks since Alexandra Burke's debut single* Bad Boys first premiered on the Chris Moyles show on BBC Radio 1. And once we had gotten over the shock of finding out that this single wouldn't be the typical post X-Factor ballad (holy cow!), it would, in fact, be a highly danceable electropop tune (get outta here!) and it would feature everyone's favourite American rap gentleman, Flo Rida (*faints*). We've all been waiting for the bloody music video already!