Taio Cruz and Jennifer Lopez to team up for ‘Dyamite Part 2’


As most of you probably already know, British pop singer and conquerer of the US Charts, Taio Cruz is set to release Dynamite as the fourth European and second North American single from his sophomore albumRokstarr. Interestingly enough however, there are plans for a remix of the single which feature none other than struggling popstar herself, Jenny From The Block.

Dynamite might be generic Auto-Tuned Europop at best, taken straight from the will.i.am. handbook of how to score a hit, but naturally it’s worked as the song has already reached #8 in Canada and #14 in the US. Plus, as much as I hate to admit it, it is actually catchy in a good way.

All Headline News have the story to the impending Part 2 of the single which will feature Jennifer Lopez:

When two hot superstars collide, the result could be “Dynamite.” Taio Cruz and Jennifer Lopez are set to team up for a new music video and remix that’s sure to be fire.

It all started when Taio Cruz tweeted and then subsequently removed, “Would you guys prefer a ‘Dynamite’ video featuring just me or a version with a massive female star duetting?”

If the answer is Jennifer Lopez, then yes. Lopez, who recently killed performances at the World Music Awards and the MTV Movie Awards, became the female star in question, after some dancers leaked out the info that they were cast in a music video for Cruz and his new Island/Def Jam labelmate Lopez.

Choreographers and frequent Lopez collaborators Napoleon and Tabitha, or Nappytabs, also let out that they’re set to work on Lopez’s new video.

The track is Cruz’s single “Dynamite,” which is already #3 on iTunes behind Eminem and Katy Perry’s latest. Cruz will release a Part 2 of the already chart-busting single featuring Lopez.

Cruz is no stranger to adding Part 2s to his songs. There’s a Dirty Picture Part 2 which features on international editions of Ke$ha’s debut album Animal. There’s also a Part 2 to B.o.B. and Hayley Williams’ mega smash Airplaneswhich features all new verses from B.o.B. and Eminem so the Part 2 is becoming the latest trend in music as a way to disguise a remix and release a “whole new song” to the public. The opportunity for Dynamite Part 2 is both a good career move for Taio and Jen because it will grant Taio extra longevity in the US music market and grant Jen the chance to appear on a hit and get her name back out there. So are you excited about a Taio and Jennifer collaboration? Are you looking forward to Dynamite Part 2? What do you think of the original which you can watch below?


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