Take That – Said It All – Single Review

Take That - Said It All

Yet another Take That single is winging its way into the charts. In celebration of Said It All, here’s is my six-point review of the single:

  1. Gary Barlow’s yelping falsetto is fast becoming one of the most overused devices in pop music today. Yes, more than autotune. It seems that every song Take That do these days is riddled with his bleating falsetto, which does not make up for the lack of emotion in his voice.
  2. Mark Owen’s voice sounds increasingly feeble – not just on this track, but when they performed on Jonathan Ross the other week. His little piece at the end of the song sounds like a drunk Mancunian pensioner at a karaoke night.
  3. The song itself is a solid pop/rock ballad and evokes U2 and Coldplay in its shimmering guitar work and build-up to an epic crescendo.
  4. Unfortunately, it’s horribly derivitive as a direct result of this. Sure, it might appeal to the more mature pop fans, but after Patience, Rule The World and Greatest Day, this type of TT tune is becoming bland and boring. Rule The World (my personal favourite) worked so well because it was unique, but Barlow has repeated the trick so many times it’s becoming like a production line of adult-oriented ballads.
  5. I still can’t escape the fact that the song itself is actually very good. Yes, it could have been constructed from Gary’s “How To Write A Hit Single” instruction manual, but Said It All is a superbly constructed pop song albeit highly likely to be forgotten as soon as the airplay stops.
  6. You really can have too much of a good thing.

Take That fans should know that I’ve been moved to a secure bunker for my own protection. Now, tell me what you think…

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  1. RandomEnigma

    Totally agree with the review. This song is just so bland and forgettable. I liked the last 3 songs you mentioned in the review but every time this comes on a music channel, I just switch off despite the fact they’re dressed as clowns.

  2. yum mum

    im not sure, i do like the song, and i love take that, i doubt they’l ever get a song to match up to greatest day, patience and rule the world as they were/are probably some of the best they’v EVER done.

    im wondering if its the video that leaves you subconciously feeling abit uninspired, it quite a boring, miserably video and watching it you kind of get a sinking feeling. maybe, if i just hear it on the radio without seeing the vid i might like it more……i’l reserve judgement for now.

    however i agree, mark sounds very feeble at the end but again its in comparison to gary’s vocals throughout, so not really fair to judge, its like eating a juicy fillet steak with mcdonalds fries on the side. if that makes sense.lol

  3. yum mum

    after spending most of the day in the car yesterday, i heard this song about 5 times on the radio, which i must say was a little bit annoying, but actually by the 3rd or 4th time i decided i like it abit more now, its actually really catchy, and definately much better without the vid.

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