Tamar Kaprelian releases New Day video

The extraordinarily beautiful rising star, Tamar Kaprelian has released the video for her new single, New Day and the above cover art for her forthcoming album Sinner Or A Saint.

OK, I sniggered a little bit at the album title, because it’s the kind of title 80’s rock chicks gave their albums – all back-combed hair, leather and spikes. Not quite what I was expecting from a gorgeous singer/songwriter.

But aside from all of that, if New Day is a taster of Tamar’s style of music, I love it. A massive pop/rock song that takes Taylor Swift’s Love Story and creates something far more intense. Kaprelian saysthe song is…

“about struggling, persevering, and being in a situation where you don’t know how you’re gonna dig yourself out of it. And at the end of it, life is like a road—you don’t stop in the middle of it. I really want people to listen to this record and get a sense of hope from it.”

Let me know what you think of the single!

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