Taylor Momsen gives me serious Courtney Love vibes on video for The Pretty Reckless’ Miss Nothing

Pretentious yet talented rock brat Taylor Momsen and her band The Pretty Reckless are set to release their debut record Light Me Up on 31st August and ahead of this, the video for their second single Miss Nothing has appeared.

This song is an absolute smash. Despite its grungy 1990s sound with the accompanying video having the same feel, the track has enough pop smarts to ensure that it has some major crossover appeal.

The video is a bit clichéd with Gossip Girl frontwoman Taylor stealing all the limelight away from her mute bandmates in the background. She writhes around on the table, throws food about and flirts aggressively with her bandmates. The sexy 16-year-old won’t particularly like this but she’s giving off serious Hole vibes, she looks like a young, less washed up Courtney Love with her raccoon style eyes and long scraggly blonde hair.

But is Momsen a good role model for young girls? Seriously all that writhing around just makes her out to be a more subtle form of pop slut, hence giving into the system by selling sex to sell records. Having just turned 19, I think I can drool over Taylor but when she does that in front of her much older bandmates and with a lot of old pervs online, I can’t help but feel uncomfortable for her.


  1. Gerard McGarry

    Well….that’s about as far removed from Gossip Girl as Miss Momsen could hope to get really, isn’t it? The fact that she’s 16 years old shocks me every time – she always seems so much more grown up. I mean, compare and contrast with Daisy Dares You.

    I’ll leave the commentary on Taylor’s attire to you and OddOne, since you’re closer in age to her! My comment is that she has an amazing rock voice. Lisa watches Gossip Girl at home, and you would have no clue that Taylor was capable of that rawk squawk. Breathtaking. And I’m glad to see her doing this as part of a band rather than trying to be the big actress releasing a single.

    One more comparison: Taylor Momsen versus that other Gossip Girl brat who aspires to a music career, Leighton Meester…

    1. RandomEnigma

      Completely agree. An amazing rock voice she does have. A mixture of Courtney Love and P!nk, I think. She certainly is more credible than Miley, Bieber etc. as she will most likely have longevity in her musical career and grow as an artist while Miley and Justin will most likely set up empires and give up on music.

      You know Leighton Meester isn’t bad either. There’s something quirky about her too. She’s not a rock chick like Taylor but she has an element of difference about her, a bit like Gwen Stefani’s solo career.

      1. Gerard McGarry

        In my head, there’s an imaginary rivalry between Leighton Meester and Blake Lively, and the mannishly named Blake will win out every time, that willowy legged, blonde haired goddess. Yes, I realise this makes me sound unhinged and stalkerish, but I’m Team Lively even if the spat between them is entirely fictional…

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