Taylor Swift is killing my brain…

What is about that song that drives everyone nuts? I mean really, it’s an okay song, it’s nice and it’s bland but why is no one getting sick of it? I remember at one point Radio2 was playing it at least once every day, sometimes even twice. Case in point I’ve taken one show and found four fanvids:


Jack and Davina isn’t actually a current story arc so that’s actually just existing fan interest developing a new video using the song.

And in my choices I actually sought out four different couples but if I’d doubled up…

Someone please explain, what is it about that song?

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    1. priyabhakta

      I have nothing against Taylor Swift. I didn’t say I did and I’m sorry if it came over that way. What I don’t like is overkill. When you turn on the radio and you hear the same song two or three times a day on one channel. And it happens a lot, it just happened that at the time of writing this post it was this song and it had been this song. And before you ask why I don’t just turn the radio off – trust me, I would – it’s an office radio, it’s not my call.

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