Taylor Swift – Love Story – Single and Video Review

Taylor Swift - Love Story

[[Taylor Swift]]’s Love Story should have all my cynical senses tingling right now. You’ve got that Disney Princess dress Miss Swift is wearing in the video, the overblown sentimentality and the ballroom fantasy sequence. I could really choke on the lyrics: “Marry me, Juliet, you’ll never have to be alone.”

But – you knew there was going to be a ‘but’, didn’t you? – the slight country-rock vibe, the hints of a banjo being plucked somewhere in the background, and the idealistic but very cute video story.

I can’t help but wonder if its a tiny trip on past life regression, since Taylor is walking through her campus, sees this guy and instantly has a flashback to a grand period ball. Or is it just quaint hormonal fantasizing?

Anyway, the point is: Swift’s alluring countryfied singing voice, the brilliant chorus, even the very clever and immensely well-shot video combine to make one extremely charming and believable song.

There’s a touch of innocence and teenage naivety about the lyrics, of course, but that’s probably what works about this. My only reservation for you, dear readers, is do girls really only get married to avoid being alone?

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  1. Jawgeena McGibney

    Compared to other videos consisting of nearly naked women shaking their booty, Love Story is a light, yet twee, relief. Watching the video is similar to watching a romance film; you know what’s going to happen, because you’ve seen it all before, yet you’re still glued to it as you’re excited as to what will happen in this love story.

    Taking the idea from Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, Swift wrote in a problem where the boy and girl can not be together. Oh noes. But ahhh finally they are allowed to get together, marry and have kids, all so that she won’t be alone… because in this day and age, finding any sort of love, is better than being alone.

    If you listen to her other songs, you see what happens when it all goes wrong. Teardrops On My Guitar where the Romeo runs off with anit-Juliet, and You Should Have Said No where Juliet is betrayed by Romeo as he (again) runs off with another anti-Juliet.

    She just doesn’t want to be alone!

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