Taylor Swift: ‘Teardrops On My Guitar (International Radio Mix)’ Single And Video Review

Song: Teardrops On My Guitar (International Radio Mix)

Artist: Taylor Swift

Album: Taylor Swift and Fearless

Release Date: 15 May 2009 (IRL), 18 May 2009 (UK)

Genre: Country pop

Peak Position: 57 (UK), TBA (IRL)

Taylor Swift is the very epitome of a superstar in her native US. The stunning singer is multi-talented with soft syrupy vocals, strong songwriting skills, co-producing her second album, acting and having the ability to play the guitar, ukelele and piano. However if Swift wants to make an impact with country music here, she’s gonna have to try better than this!

Teardrops On My Guitar, a bland country weepie sees Swift pine over a boy called Drew who doesn’t notice her and is in love with a girl that has everything Swift lacks. Well I’d say Drew is fairly kicking himself now. I liked Swift when she first made an impact on the music World finding her fresh and talented but if she continues releasing annoying, whiny insecure songs like this them quite frankly I, and probably, the rest of Europe will be put off. A more upbeat cut from her sophomore album would have fared better with European listeners.

To match Taylor’s descriptive songwriting skills, the viewer is given more insight into the story behind the song with a talking segment between herself and Drew. The rest of the video is intercut with scenes of a clearly besotted Swift, and Drew goofing around and failing to notice her.

You gotta love Taylor for putting her vunerability upfront and there’s a definite ”AWWW!” moment when Drew walks straight passed her and gets up close and personal with another girl while a hurt Swift looks on. There are also scenes of the flawlessley beautiful singer lying on her bed in a big floaty dress. Ummm is that appropriate attire for a heartbroken girl? Shouldn’t she be curled up on her bed, her hair a mess and her nose all red and runny while wearing a pair of sweatpants? Cliched as the video may be, it bears some light entertainment for the viewer rather than a boring performance video.

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