Taylor Swift – White Horse – Single and Video Review

Taylor Swift - White Horse

Wow! White Horse reprises the fairytale imagery that [[Taylor Swift]] established in Love Story, but with none of the upbeat romance or indeed a happy ending.

Even those warm golden tones of the Love Story video subside to colder colours and a video which is interrupted by little bits of dialogue. Especially where Taylor’s girlfriend drops a bombshell on her: yes, her perfect man is cheating.

I keep referring to the previous single, because this makes me question the order the two singles were released in: surely White Horse – the sad, cynical ballad about broken hearts should have come first? Then she could have followed with Love Story and there’d have been a degree of redemption involved. One song about heartbreak followed by a song about true love.

Ah, I must be getting sentimental in my old age.

Country Universe think that the video is a masterwork, with the guy in the video asking by phone for another chance, and Swift visually recalling their good times together, then being told by her friend and ultimately discovering her boyfriend with someone else:

Swift, back against a brick wall (literally), is faced with a world-changing choice, at least in her eyes. The pain of ending their relationship is secondary to the pain marking her loss of innocence. A teen queen is turning into a young woman.  Growing up is hard to do.

Maybe a bit overly sentimental, but the country music scene obviously loves this girl. As for the song, it’s ten times more subtle than its predecessor, but I think will probably work well for her. Especially in a female audience who can totally relate to what she’s saying.

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