Team Andre or Team Price?

Peter Andre and Katie Price

Since it looks like their split wasn’t a publicity stunt after all, the big question is: who are you supporting, Katie or Peter?

It looks like a clear-cut case – the nation’s tabloids have hailed Andre as ‘Saint Peter’, while they’ve dropped back to calling Katie ‘Jordan’ again. It’s hardly a stretch, since she’s reverted to Jordan-type behaviour, all crotch and boobs and falling out of nightclubs.

The case for Peter Andre is pretty clear-cut: hard working, down-at-heel husband, devoted family man. Their marriage has been documented by a fly on the wall reality TV series for years. Katie has been seen sniping at Peter for years, and any bickering he does is mostly reactive to her tirades.

On the other hand, I feel a tiny bit of sympathy for Katie in all of this. She’s trapped in this Jeckyll and Hyde persona and seemingly incapable of putting on a facade of decency for the inevitable custody battle. It seems that ‘Katie’ came to the surface when she hooked up with Andre after I’m A Celebrity. And as soon as the marriage broke up, she reverted back to the comfort of ‘Jordan’, almost as if it was some kind of emotional armour.

However, one journalist made a shockingly good point last week when she noted that Jodie Marsh was virtually Martha Stewart by comparison. While Katie is still a young woman, no-one wants to see their mother’s gusset splashed across the tabloids in the newsstands. Perhaps their kids are too young now, but her behaviour as ‘Jordan’ is embarrassing.

On the other hand, Peter is behaving honourably, being discreet with the press but not freezing them out altogether. He’s had the quieter career to date, but is in a prime position for the release of his new single and album. Public goodwill toward him is at an all-time high, and he’s finally stepping out of his wife’s shadow.

So for me, I’m Team Andre, but with a little more sympathy for little Miss Price. Are you taking sides?

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  1. yum mum

    perfectly timed wasn’t it?, the break up!

    watching the itv2 reality show ‘katie and peter state side’ recently, the cracks were clearly showing during their final few weeks in america, and certain comments from peter have made me wonder if he had it in his mind already during their time out there, i wonder did he plan that once they returned he would fulfil joint contracts such as the awards show etc and then make the break. all of it a complete secret to his wife – but not to his publisicts and management (who were lets not forget, his management originally before they got together and he is very close to them), hence the fact that they dropped katie almost instantly.

    i personally believe he would have spoke to them long before the split about possible outcomes, repercussions, what to do, etc etc and also to see where he would stand career wise and financially and also with regards to the children. he’s seems far too much of a methodical and level headed person for it to have been a spur of the momant decision

    and i think this is kate’s downfall, she is quite a control freak and this has happened without her knowledge or any control from her side, what so ever. she thought peter was the doting husband who needed her for her money and celeb status as he was a failing pop star, but unfortunately for her she’s now seeing he has turned out to be very popular in the tv world, getting alot of offers for work and the new album looks as if it going to be quite successfultoo , so she inturn is crumbling, everything that she thought was controlled by her is finally imerging to be independantly succesful and she doesnt know how to handle it. hence the crazy reverse behaviour.

    think about all her past boyfriends – they’r all really low in stature in the celeb status and she has had control of the relationships on her terms because in the celeb world  SHE was the MORE famous one. pete has totally foxed her because he is imerging triumphant.

    i honestly like her though and i really wish she’d rise above the bitterness inside her, i dont have sympathy for her i have pity simply because i beilieve she is a better person than what she is making herself look right now. but the longer she lives on the wild side the more damage she will do to her carrer, she needs to cut it dead now and build bridges, before the hate campaigns really kick in.

    we really dont need another kerry katona.


  2. Anonymous

    katie needs to grow up,she is a mom and should think about her kids and how they will feel when they grow one knows what happens behind close doors so im not saying pete is a saint but im team andre because he has not said one bad thing about his slutty ex and she always puts him down in in my eyes she is the nasty one and i think pete will be better to look after the kids as jordan only cares about her partying ,men and slaging of her babys farther.jordan u have no shame and i was a fan because u kept it real and as for u saying that u made pete what he is and that he was nothing before he met u ,i think its more like u other way round cause u was just some ho flashin ur bits.pete made u a respectable young women.

  3. Team ANDRE all the way

    I saw on the Stateside programme the nasty way Jordan ( thats all she deserves to be called) treated Peter. He is “Saint Peter” in my eyes the way he put up with that woman. She even sold her story for £10K on something personal, it shows she has no lows obviously. Then going on about “poor her” and how horrible Peter was to her and how she needed to go to spain and act like a slag in order to get over her “horrific ordeal”. Im not saying having a miscarriage is not horrific, because it is, but she was horse riding, running the London Marathon, hardly taking it easy in her condition.


  4. Anonymous

    Pete had asked Katie to take it easy when they found out she was expecting (she admitted this on her Piers interview ) and she didn’t,  she blatently went on doing everything that could harm their baby.  When she lost their baby I think it was the final straw for Pete and he must have thought she was  so selfish to put everything before their unborn child. He is a lovely guy and really coming into his own with his music and career. Katie is just going further and further down the slope.. The photos of her on mothers day lying drunk were awful. She claims she adores her children but anyway who watches their tv prog can clearly see the way she treats them is so cold. She had Junior in tears when she pretended to eat his snail and when she asked her wee girl for a kiss and the wee one refused the look Katie gave her own child was one of pure hatred. Grow up Katie and be a mum, step up to the mark and show that you can be all that you say you can. You lost Pete now but there is still a chance you could salvage some dignity.

  5. Anonymous

    I’m with Katie Price….Peter Andre new what she was like since day 1 when he got with her in the Jungle he tried to change her and calm her down…which she did for a while but you can’t change that much.

    Peter got rid of Katie so why shouldnt she go on holiday (I know if my boyfriend split up with me the first thing i’d do is book a girls holiday!)

    I feel sorry for Katie because all the press have slated her as if Peter is a saint – he’s a boring old fart who wants to sit in every night – no wonder they got bored of each other if they didnt do anything exciting!!


      i agree with you, ii think katie should get custody of the kids and everything to do with them, Peter acts liikee ‘Harvey’ is his OWN child whhich i think is WRONG. 

      Everybody has there own opinion, and myn is : 

      if katie wants to party loud she can its her life, the paps shud just get out of the way!!

      xx Love You Katie xx

      1. Lanax

        Have you thought that if she wanted to see the kids she can and if she wants cousterdy of them she can and seen as though Harvey doesent see his dad he still calls Peter dad so its not his fault and yeh i agree she can party if she wants but she is a mum and sometimes kids need to see their mum while they are not drunk and paps are only doing their job they are only trying to make money and tell the world what she is up to because if we dint have paps then we wunt no bout the break up or that she partys. So next time try and think of all the bad things or look in mags you’ll soon see !!!!!! Team Peter x

  6. beccy

    I am definitley on team Andre. I used to like Katie Price but after watching stateside and seeing how she belittled and fell out with Peter and then her antics since they split my opinion has completey changed!

    She needs to grow up and cover up now for the sake of her children and maintain a bit of dignity for them. What she needs to remember is that before Peter she was a top less model just ogled by male fans. He made it clear from day 1 he hated “JORDAN” so if she wasnt happy with that she should have never got involved with him. Peter did manage to tone her down which got her a lot of repsect from mothers and female fans, so he actually did help her career a lot!

    But now she has reverted back to Jordan and a lot of people are disappointed in her and so she has come out of this a lot worse and with fewer fans.

    I think Pete will be happy he did this no matter how much he hurts at the moment he will look back one day and realise he was worth so much more.

    Stay strong pete u deserve someone who will apprecaite the love you have to give and they will actually return it to you !!! x









  7. S.

    I don’t know how any person can think of Katie Price as a rolemodel, She is a right slut who needs to cover up. She has kids and yet she goes around Ibiza and messes round with probably any man she sees there. I’ve never really liked “Jordan” or Katie Price anyway, With the way she’s treated Peter by belittling him and slagging him off infront of him.

    Peter Andre was a bit to late splitting with her cause if I was him I would have dumped her way sooner than now. But still I 100% support him and I hope that he finds a nice person, Just like him.


  8. Kelly.x.

    team pete all the way

    Katie needs to grow up and stopo acting like a spoiled brat

    pete is soo nice and i hope every thing goes well 4 him and tht him and the kids are ok.

    Team Pete#1

    xxxluv ya Petexxx

  9. ems

    am defo with pete on this one jordan is a complete disgrace, she says she loves her children so why is she screwing around with them, they must be confused enough as is. she needs to grow up and start acting like a mother her children doesnt want to see their mother in the papers all the time…

    … and despite what papers say i dont think jordan and her new man are for real who falls in love that easy, shes just using him as a rebound and she is trying to make pete jealous.

  10. Karen

    As an Australian I am proud to say that Peter is a decent bloke.  He is conducting himself with dignity..If it were any other man having to put up with her shit. She probably would have been slagged off well before now… She is a nasty vindictive paparazzi hoare…

    She has no self respect, no shame and cares only for herself.

    Just give Pete the kids …at least they will be in a loving family.  Not growing up with something like a prostitute/playboy bunny….

    All the money in the world won’t buy her respect and definately not class.

    She gives women in general a bad name…

    Peter on the other hand is gentle, polite, loving and caring….He has taken NO money and left with his clothes bbq and a few bits and pieces..

    Keep up the morals Peter…you are clearly in the lead for support amongst many different people.



  11. Fan of Pete

    Katie is a disgrace and I hope that one day she will face the ultimate heartache – the fact that her children will be ashamed of her.

    Peter had a lucky escape in my opinion.



  12. zoe

    i really like katie and pete but i am definitly team katie, everyone is slaggin katie of for goin to ibiza and havin a good time just because she got drung and acted a bit flirtatious everyone say’s she is a bad mom, but who hasnt gone  out and had  a bit to much to drink and acted a bit stupid cause i no i have, but if i had had a misscarage and my husband had left me all in one week i think i would of done the same thing as katie and has anyone read pete’s autobiogrophy he treated women like scum but everyone just treat’s him like he’s a victim and every time he doe’s an interview he allways brings the kids into it like they are not bein looked after by katie but she was good enough when he was with her.


    1. Anonymous

      “but who hasnt gone  out and had  a bit to much to drink and acted a bit stupid cause i no i have”

      me…as a mother now, I have a responsibility to my children. I used to get drunk almost everynight, but since falling pregnant with my first in ’98, I have not touched a drop..

  13. Geordie

    katie price is a muppet!! i used to like her till all this happened and then that ibiza trip just showed it all…TART! thats it…

    and dwight york’s recent outburst about peter…em where has this ugly vile creature been all harveys life!? peter is much more of a dad that he ever has been or ever will be!

  14. Anonymous

    shes hardly a ‘tart’ for dancing on a table when shes a bit pissed. ive done the same. yea shes a mother but they were not there and their hardly going to be reading heat magazine.

    im not the biggest fan of eather of them to be honest but i think its horrible that people who dont even know them or know anything reliable about thier relationship to decide that they ‘hate’ either one of them. nor do they have the authorituy to brand them a ‘slag’ or a ‘bad mother’    theres mothers in the world who are alot worse.

    1. Gerard McGarry

      I wouldn’t normally comment on this again, but you say “its horrible that people who dont even know them or know anything reliable about thier relationship to decide that they ‘hate’ either one of them”.

      In all seriousness, the two of them took their relationship and private life public when they allowed TV cameras into their house. It’s the reason you couldn’t call Angelina Jolie or Scarlett Johansen a slut or judge them on their lives – they don’t allow that kind of access.

      Considering that both Peter and Katie thrive on tabloid coverage and gossip magazines, and they chose to live their lives so publicly, it’s no wonder that people have formed opinions about one or the other.


    The sooner these two tedious wasters disappear the better.But what will the papers write about.

  16. Anonymous

    pete all the way. pete should get custody of the children because katie is an unfit mother, i mean shes the one that was drinkin when she was pregant with harvey wen she knew full well that she culdnt she can not do boundaries, she hurt harvey. pete is a good dad to all of them, and i dont agree that just coz havey isnt his real dad he cant act like he is, because harvey has grown up with pete being there and to him that is his dad and he needs sum1 like that in his life that cares about him. pete well done for getting out of that relationship with katie because she was no good for you, you tried to help her get out of bad habits and she couldnt do it. katie you have lost a good guy there you wont find a better guy that pete, and your acting that you love this alex bullshit you want pete back you no it and we all do. so get a FCKING grip and get on with your life and let him get on with his!!!!!!!!!

  17. aiko

    I’m glad that Peter left this ‘model’.How possible to live with this selfish woman? How can she plan another baby, when she can’t get enough men, dirty partying and money? Feeling sorry for her kids and her brother. Best of luck to Peter!!!

  18. Anonymous

    Pete is by far the best! i love you peter, katie is a dirty slag who gets a new man who is a tranny, after only a few days, claiming they love each other after a month… WHAT A JOKE! Peter call me 😉 im here for you baby



    love you peter xxxxxxxxx(L)


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