Teaser trailer for the new 3D Smurf Happens movie

Another cartoon series from the 80’s is getting a movie makeover. This time, it’s the little blue dwarfish folks known as The Smurfs. Short kids everywhere are about to discover the joys of a new-old nickname!

It’s to be a mix of CGI/3D and live action sequences, and Hank Azaria, the voice of dozens of Simpsons characters will play the evil wizard Gargamel. Gargamel, for those of you born too late to enjoy the Smurfs, had a kind of xenophobic loathing for the little blue people. Even Smurfette. And how could you not love Smurfette?

With everybody’s favourite telly personality, Neil Patrick Harris lined up for the movie, and Scooby Doo director Raja Gosnell set to direct, the movie looks like a smurfin’ good one. The only drawback? It’s not due in cinemas until Summer 2011. And that’s not set in stone, since this movie’s been in the pipeline for quite some time.

Anybody remember the Smurfs from first time round? Have we got high hopes for a second wave of Smurfs fever? I remember having the Smurfs game for the old Atari 2600 console!

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