Terminator Salvation released on DVD and BluRay

Just in time for Christmas, one of my favourite movies of 2009 is now out on DVD and BluRay – [[Terminator Salvation (Movie)|Terminator Salvation]].

After the three original movies focussed on John Connor getting a) born, and b) living past Judgement Day, Salvation brings us right into the middle of the war against the machines. Connor is a soldier in the human resistance, and Kyle Reese is still just a teenager.

John Connor corners a Terminator

Elsewhere, Death Row inmate Marcus Wright wakes up after a 15-year slumber. He makes his way toward the resistance with the intention of joining up. Until they discover he’s a hybrid terminator, that is. Wright is unusual in that he has a terminator endoskeleton, masked by his human face, but better yet he has all his original memories from before he died. The fact that he doesn’t know he’s a cyborg makes him a perfect infiltration unit.

Anyway, I reviewed Terminator Salvation during the summer. Despite the criticisms of the movie, it blew me away, and I was glad to get my hands on a DVD copy. I’m still a bit miffed that we haven’t upgraded to BluRay yet…

If you’re Terminator fan, you’ll enjoy Salvation – I thought the lo-fi approach was brilliant, stripping the series back to some crudely made machines and horrific human transport units for harvesting flesh for SkyNet’s latest experiments.

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