Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles – the series finale

The second (and final) series of [[Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles (TV Series)|Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles]] ended with a bang, didn’t it? I know I’m late to the table with this review, but I drifted off the show for a few weeks and spent a bit of time catching up today.

It’s been remarked upon constantly that the series really recovered its credibility in the last few episodes, and the final two episodes were a brilliant return to form. The shocking death of Derek Reese, the frightening escalation in John Henry’s abilities and an attack from a futuristic attack vehicle on Catherine Weaver’s office all contributed to a stunning conclusion of the series. Hell, even The Turk from the first series made an appearance!

References to classic Terminator

The first thing I loved about the last two episodes of Sarah Connor were the returns to Terminator mythology: the new Terminator going into a gun store and asking for silencers echoed that scene where Arnie’s terminator went looking for “a plasma rifle in a 50 watt range” (fanboys, please correct). I’m betting I wasn’t the only person to expect the store owner to get his head ventilated before the terminator left the store!

There was also the scene where John and Cameron broke Sarah out of the FBI holding centre, mirroring the escape from Pescadero in T:2. By going back to these moments, it felt like the show was realigning with the original intent of the Terminator movies. I think this went some way to restoring my faith. Did you notice how the anonymous terminator and Cameron went for scruffy, militaristic jackets in the ending – visually echoing Arnie’s original terminator look? I loved that. Finally we remembered the unstoppable terror machines that the terminators were.

Clearly Cameron gunning down officers in a police station while getting half her face blown off was another brilliant moment in the old-school vein.


I note that we finally got our uncomfortable, sexy moment between John and Cameron, as she strips her top off and asks him to get on top of her. Brilliant, we think. Until she gives him a knife and asks him to slash her chest open. That kid is going to be messed up for life!

The relationship between John and Cameron has been the most interesting aspect of the series so far, especially since we’ve been wondering if she’s been damaged and resumed her earlier programming. Moreover, what type of relationship did she have with John in the future? Was she his personal femmebot? You have to wonder.

Weaver, the future and parallel universes

At the very end, John gets blasted into the future with the deadly Catherine Weaver. Sarah refuses to travel and instead lags behind.

However, when they arrive in the future, Weaver abandons John, going god-knows-where, but with the apparent aim of destroying SkyNet too. Why would she want to destroy SkyNet, presumably her creators? We don’t know. We don’t even know if this is the place John Henry disappeared to, or if it was a trick by Weaver to get rid of the future leader of the resistance.

Another question is how Derek and Kyle Reese happen to be still alive in the future. Well, it’s a future where nobody knows John Connor. Did Kyle not knock up Sarah when he went back in time? Did he not die? Does that make this new future an alterative future that John has leaped into? If so, then the robots’ tech much be far more advanced than anybody imagined. Conspiracy theories about this new future will be gratefully accepted – leave me a comment!


I still can’t work out what Cameron was playing at though. Did she join Weaver’s team in the end? Did she give up her chip voluntarily? It certainly looked that way. So what use was it to John Henry in the future – where that technology already exists? There must be some use for it, otherwise why would Weaver have gone to the future too?

Hold on – did John Henry recover information from the other Terminator’s chip that led them to that future point? Then why did they need Cameron’s chip as well? Why did Cameron leave the “sorry John” message?

You know what? Now I want a new Sarah Connor Chronicles! The more I think about it, they’ve either dug a massive stinking hole, or they were leading up to something mega – possibly John Connor building up a role in the resistance as a young man in the future? Who knows? The more I think about it, the more confusing it becomes!

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  1. Jonathan Huth

    I agree man it does suck that it ended I wish that fans would get organized so that the show can come back fans have already talked to syfy about it and they talked it over at a board meeting and turned us down.


    Its sad the show was getting a lot better after Riley finally kicked the bucket…Riley was Kevin Rielly’s idea by the way one of the worst ideas ever.  Then he is making no appoligies for canceling the show.

  2. Anonymous

    it happened the same to me, i saw the last episode a lot of times tryin to figure out what the hell happened and i couldnt. Each time i see the last episode i get really mad :@

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