The amazing Dreamer!

It all started when my friend and a classmate of mine told me the name renee zellweger.

She said “emz, watch this case 39 movie, it’s a horror type,starring Renee Zellweger.” and I said “Ok, is it really scary?,heheheh”. When I started to play the movie, at first, I said to myself “It’s not that scary” but when the movie reached at the scene where the parents of lily put her to the big oven, I directly said “For christ sake, why do they put that kid on the oven?,what’s the reason? my goodness, Hurry up emily[renee zellweger],save that kid!” and at last they made it,they saved the kid.

The movie is not that scary but it’s so very great movie because of the twist and unexpected revelation. When the movie reached where lily starting to act weird, I told myself “Ah, This kid is a monster,that’s why her parents want her to be dead.” but apparently lily was dead already but rised again. This movie is so great. I love this movie.

So, aside for that movie, that was the starting point where I like Renee Zellweger that much. I started to search all news about Renee and Pics and all, absolutely all.

And I write this blog to express this and to share this cause I can’t share this to my friends. They will just say “Shut up, your just madly like renee zellweger” but I can’t stop it. She’s so beautiful ,ooops! I am not lesbian FYI, I am a 100% lady. She’s so lovely. And I guess even if I don’t know her very well and I didn’t see her in person due to place distraction, she’s a nice person. I could see it through her green eyes.

How I wish I could be in Hollywood so that meeting her and have some chat is a  lot easier to me. But I know, It can’t be granted It’s also due to a high gap of societal level. Knowing that she belongs to the High class level of society while I’m in a low class level. So that’s very impossible. I know where Im standing;-

I am just one, of her many fans!

thank you!

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