The Amityville Horror: Movie Review

Pure terror. I don’t normally frighten at horror movies, but this remake of 1979’s Amityville Horror movie scared the pants off me. Honest.

This version of the Amityville Horror focuses on the Lutzes, the family who moved into the house a year or so after the DeFeo murders.

About The Movie

In a nutshell, ordinary family move into their dream home (after the
Estate Agent ‘forgets’ to mention the horrific slaying committed there
the previous year. Like you do.) In no time at all, George Lutz is
hearing sinister whispered voices and the daughter has gained an
imaginary friend with a ventilated forehead. As the paranoia takes
over, subtle details about the house are revealed, interspersed with
sudden frights.

As you would expect from the genre, the cinematography is grim and
dark, creating an oppressive and tense environment. The story doesn’t
linger long on the ‘happy families’ prelude, and the frights begin
almost as soon as the family moves into the house.

There are some stunning set pieces, such as the scene where the
daughter – prompted by her imaginary friend – climbs onto the roof of
the house and inches toward the edge. The ensuing scramble to stop her
from jumping is edge-of-your-seat stuff. By the time the movie reached
it’s climax, I was aware that my heart was actually pounding!


Opinion seems to be split on the movie. You either love it or hate it apparently.

I was pleasantly surprised to discover Melissa George
in a lead role as Kathy Lutz (old school Home & Away fan!), but
although visually appealing, I’m not sure she’s convincing as a mother
of three. Ryan Reynolds, on the other hand slips easily into the
tortured psycho role, and George Lutz’s role as a second husband gives
rise to antipathy and abusiveness towards Kathy’s children as his
paranoia increases.

My wife and the kids stayed out overnight, leaving me in the house
alone. For the first time in years, I raced up the stairs to my bed,
after making sure all the hallway lights were switched on. It was that scary!

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