The Apprentice 2009 *Finally*… but are the contestants anything to shout about?

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I’ve been anxiously awaiting the first episode of this series to start – probably since the last series finished. I find the show fantastic it’s got a mix of reality tv and a sense of a fly-on-the-wall entrepreneur documentary to it! And I think from both points of view they’ve carefully arranged the candidates in the hope that they’re high self opinions and personalities will clash.

Well, todays lauch episode of 2009 saw a candidate leaving – even before the process began! Leaving the boys team one man down…

The Task!

The first task was pretty much a hands on graft, split up into two teams – Men vs Women, They were provided a budget of £200 and given access to a van per team with cleaning products which they could buy and/or hire. Firstly the teams chose which products they needed and although neither teams appeared to really consider cost vs requirements, the womens team seemed to think that the £200 was a target and not a limit!

The teams were very ill-managed and didn’t seem to be following much of a structure – the womens team, lead by Mona – seemed to think that because they were attempting to wash stretched hummers that they could charge £300 for just 3 vehicles! – Infact the company already had a contractn with another (presumably established company) for £60! They eventually negotiated a deal at £120 for the three vehicles.

The boys team aswell as trying shoe shining, managed to get a contract for 30 taxis, on the agreement that they would only be paid for the cars passing inspection by the customer – unfortunately for them though, they were completely unstructured and made a numbers of mistakes – and dirt was still clearly visible in places!

After 10 hours work, the two teams – both badly run arrived back at the board room… The boys team won, not because of great team work, business strategy – or anything else! But instead due to the girls teams fatal mistake – Initial Overspending.

…Anita was fired, in my opinion it should have been Mona Lewis first – but then again theres plenty of time for her!!

Final thoughts on the episode – Great Reality TV! Though I think all the candidates need to up their game, right now none of them seem capable!


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  1. Lisa

    Mona should have been fired for implying that her customer was a liar and for not organising the girls at all.

    Not one candidate stood out for me last night, not one can clean a car properly and not one girl knew how to work a pressure washer.

    Sir Alan said on The One Show last night that this lot are his best candidates ever, I certainly hope that they improve as the series continues!

  2. Jaye Nolan

    Were last year’s lot as bad as that at the beginning – they seemed a lot more likeable than this lot. It’ll be fun to see Mona at work again though!

  3. WelshSinger

    i think the blonde girl and the curly red headed woman will do well,

    also the dark haired girl who was taken to the boardroom.

    out of the boys i think a few of them are good.

    but the one that was the team leader (god im usually good with names) will get shat on a bit i think.


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