The Apprentice 2010, Week 7: Sandeesh Samra is fired after DVD task

It’s been an irony of the last couple of weeks of The Apprentice that the team leader who’s been the biggest idiot invariably ended up on the winning side. Stuart Baggs was the team leader for Synergy this week. But in spite of his appalling attitude and snide remarks to his team mates, Synergy ended up winning and Baggs survived to fight another day.

The task – since you asked – was to make these personalised DVDs using green screen technology. Synergy choose a racing track backdrop while Apollo, headed by Sandeesh Samra, choose a skiing theme.

Stuart Baggs The Brand must have had extra testosterone in his tea that day, because he’s forceful and shouty with the girls on the team. Later, he drops the classic Apprentice clunker: “I have to rein in my extreme masculinity in this task”. Tell me this show isn’t scripted! I dare you.

Sandeesh, meanwhile seems to be leading quite well, but with a few flaws in her strategy. For one, she wastes an hour training her team when a couple of them already know how to produce the DVDs. This costs them valuable sales time. The second mistake for Team Apollo is pricing. They start out lower then their competitors, but they continue to reduce their prices as the day goes on.

On the other team Stuart does exactly the opposite – he raises his prices. This has the wonderful effect of making customers stay away in droves. Especially when they expected to be charged a tenner and the price goes up to £15. Stuart also introduces technical gremlins in the style of DVDs getting mashed up. Oopsie. 

However, Baggs’ higher price point wins his team the prize, which is just an afternoon of swilling champaigne. 

Which means that Sandeesh and her team are ripe for the firing. In the wake of the last couple of weeks of boardroom raging, Apollo are actually quite civilised and they analyse their defeat sensibly for Lord Sugar. Ultimately though Sandeesh is fired, but with the unusual acknowledgement from Sugar that she worked her butt off throughout the task. Unusually for an Apprentice, Sandeesh leaves with her head held high.

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  1. TimL

    This was definitely a case of Stuart not losing rather than winning.

    Sandeesh’s focussed too much on selling and not enough on making a profit. God only knows why they bought so many DVDs – they were never going to run at 100% capacity on the day – and then Liz panicked and bought the car late in the day without ever considering whether they would recoup that investment.

    Having said that, it says a lot about how badly Stuart managed Synergy that they won by such a small margin. Definitely a case of winning in spite of him rather than because of him – although, to be fair, the one decision he did get right was the big one: putting the price up rather than down.

    Still, it’s only a matter of time before he self-destructs in a blaze of ego.

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