The Apprentice 2010, Week 8 – Christopher Farrell fired following the Hamburg Crisp Task

Tonight’s Apprentice fun and games revolve around our hopeless hopefuls selling crisps to the German market.

Unlike some of the other tasks the Apprentices have been given, this one was pretty comprehensive. It involved researching and deciding on a range of crisp flavours to take to the German market as well as making appointments to sell the crisps to businesses in Hamburg.

The language barrier wasn’t too much trouble for the candidates – but mostly because the Germans they spoke to were fluent in English! Having said that, watching Stuart Baggs try to describe himself as a cosmopolitan European type was hilarious. Especially since he was more amused by the tag of Herr Baggs than anybody else was. I’d have liked to see him translate “The Brand” into German though…

This week, Stuart is “too knackered” to be the project leader, so he nominates Stella. His reasoning is tactical and ruthless: if she leads them to victory, all well and good, but if their team loses, Stella’s highly likely to get fired. That’s Team Apollo. 

For Synergy, Chris nominates himself as team leader, hoping to reverse the downward trend he’s been on. Jamie and Christopher go to Hamburg ahead of the team in search of the most popular German flavours. We discover Germany’s love affair with Curry Wurst. Yum.

Team Apollo opt for a British theme, sensibly sticking to what they know. However, Joanna manages to irritate Baggs and Laura with quite an overbearing (she’d probably describe herself as opinionated) attitude. However, their team end up experimenting with Sausage & Egg, Ghoulash and Curry ranges. Synergy decide to run with popular German flavours, which seems like a smart idea, but is questioned later by Lord Sugar when he suggests it may have been an insult to the Germans – British people coming over and trying to tell them what they’d like.

Synergy make some terrible errors of judgement though, which costs them big sales. For instance, they opt for an afternoon meeting with the Marriot hotel in Hamburg. This allows Apollo to slip in ahead of them and make a big sale – negotiated for six months by a very tough Joanne. Synergy also waste a lot of time pitching to a lackey when the boss isn’t around. To make matters worse, they discover in the boardroom that Apollo visited the shop later – with an appointment – and made a big sale.

However, Synergy make a respectable 17,995 Euros, but Apollo trounced them in door-to-door sales, bringing their total to 19,327 Euros.

It’s one of those endings that shows the losing team was at least competent, and it makes the eventual firing that little bit sadder. Well, if we really cared who won. The Apprentice is about the weekly antics and not the eventual winner, isn’t it? And again, it’s not like the boardroom bickering mattered that much this week. Anybody could’ve gone. But in the end it was Christopher Farrell who got the chop.

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  1. TimL

    The Brand = Die Marke (I think).

    Funny how self-satisfied Stuart was at getting Stella nominated as PM. As the candidate with the best win-loss record (now 7-1) and apparently the best overall skills, she is the last person who would have been fired had Apollo lost.

    Mind you, Stuart had a very good week this week. He was entertaining but reined himself in and got on with the task, and he made a big effort to allow for the fact they were selling in a foreign country.

    Laura, on the other hand … Did someone take away her dummy, or did she spit it out? Whinge, whinge, whinge. If she ever actually did anything positive, she might have some grounds for complaint – but she doesn’t do anything that I’ve noticed.

    I agree with Sugar that Christopher was really just a very good backroom boy and not a leader (no shame in that), and both Jamie and Chris can consider themselves very lucky to still be there. In particular, Jamie’s habit of calling everything he does “excellent” while slagging off everyone else is growing increasingly tiresome. Interesting that Sugar called him out on that in the boardroom.

    1. Gerard McGarry

      You’re right – Stuart hits the right balance between being cannon fodder for us to laugh at and actually getting things done. But I agree with your post about who’s best qualified to win, and I reckon Stella is definitely a serious contender to win this.

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