The Apprentice: Dahn to Margit

5.10am Greenwich Peninsula, another overnight bag. Not so excited this time are they? There’s a short history lesson about the 02 and they’re tasked with re-branding Margate, the world’s market leader in beano destinations. Well, it was for me, anyway – that’s who I’d have targeted 😉

The teams are left as they are from last week, it’s an equal split of four in each now: Debra leading Empire, comprising, Howard, James and Mona; Yasmina leading Ignite’s Ben, Kate and Lorraine. Pretty evenly matched, I’d say and apart from Debra putting Howard’s ambition to lead the team in a suitcase and sending it on a long distance trip of it’s own, they seem to be working well.

Empire target the gay market; Ignite go for the obvious family one. Most entertaining was Mona, certainly more front than Margate but not as much as the sex-change lady/man she was talking to. Yasmina and Kate had the fun job – casting the role of a family man – so why did they need to see his biceps/chest etc? Margaret wasn’t complaining though! Nice work if you can get it.

Neither of the posters/leaflets seem to be that inspiring, with both the industry experts and the locals being unimpressed with some aspects of both pitches. The scores in and Empire win – 14/20 to Ignite’s 8/20. James’ face when they were told their treat was a picture – a Lotus track day, he was soooo gutted. If Empire had been braver with the gay theme, they may have nicked it.

Howard worked damned hard all day, so it’s James and Mona in the firing line with Debra; Nick and Margaret’s reports about Mona from previous weeks mean it’s her to go. But she left a quote, re the sex change person: “Consider that person to be in transit!” That’s Adrian’s quote of the week. I liked two others – James (again) to his male models eating ice-cream: “Not too much suggestive licking, we’re not doing a porno.” And Ben – who was actually quiet and productive, if a tad pretentious with the picture taking – “More of the sea, less of Margate.”

They reckon James is the one that got away, personally, I think it was Debra again – bad time management resulting in a badly designed leaflet. Funny montage of Lorraine and Ben falling in love. You see, no matter how well he does, he’ll still be ripe for some mickey-taking!

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