The Apprentice Final: Kate versus Yasmina

Kate and Yasmina are to receive assistance from the fired wannabes. It’s that old playground scenario, no-one wants to be left till last, specially not Phil, who’s probably assumed Kate will choose him first …he’s the final choice for Yasmina! Who also has Lorraine, could be tricky.

They have to create and launch a brand new box of chocolates and market them – knowing the variety on offer (I’ve probably had most) this is a pretty tough task. Yasmina’s team initially target men; Kate goes for his’n’hers for sharing, reminding Ben it’s about romance, not sex, when he starts down that ‘sex sells’ route again!

Yasmina thinks again following feedback from men, and they rebrand as Coco Electric, aimed at everyone. She keeps the cost down by using cheap ingredients, approx. £5 a box, the design is black with a pink lightning bolt – I’m thinking perfume when I look at the poster. And judging by the models reactions “Can I spit it out” they taste worse than perfume. Kate does the opposite, ending up at £13 – to be fair, she’d asked Debra to fix at around£9, but at least ended up with some gorgeously flavoured chocs that everyone seemed to enjoy immensely. Well designed box, a drawer for him, for her and to share. The only problem is the brand name: Intimate. Again, perfume. Or a feminine freshness product? They brainstorm and turn to France for inspiration to rebrand as Choc D’Amour.

Phil tries to use Pantsman as a good example and why is he suddenly nicking Lee’s catchphrase? And why is Lorraine now completely Irish? And did Rocky speak at all during this task?

Yasmina struggled with her pitch but became more confident; Kate assured as usual. The industry liked Kate’s chocs but Yasmina’s price – really could go either way – they also were very impressed that this was all done within 3 days. In the boardroom and the teams are at one in praise of both girls. Sir Alan admits it’s the toughest decision he’s ever had to make but in the end the finger is pointed: Yasmina, you’re hired.

The image that will live with me forever? Kate and Phil’s babies – Ben and Lorraine. You had to be there – if you weren’t, watch You’re Hired on I-player. It’s also worth it for the Ruby Wax quote about Nick and Margaret! Quote of the Night: Margaret, re Coco Electric: “I’m still waiting for the explosion …no, one’s enough, thank you.”

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  1. Lisa

    I think Ruby is hilarious on you’re hired and Margarets face was almost as funny as Ruby’s comment.

    Margaret will be sorely missed from the show next year. I know they are talking about hiring Karren whoever, but she doesn’t seem quite so intimidating….

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