The Apprentice: I won’t have what they’re having, thanks.

The big question: Has Mona never answered a phone before, she looked so shocked! It’s a catering task this week – they’re always fun, aren’t they. Nick already looks a beaten man, just when Sir Alan is laying it out for them. Both Project Managers (Yasmina for the girls; Rocky for the boys) have catering experience so, naturally, it’s going to be a nightmare. We know this for a fact. The boys brainstorm and come up with an Olympic theme, nobody’s quite sure why. The girls go with Mediterranean and managed to con the staff of two offices into ordering their lunch, who immediately wished they hadn’t, what with the no filling in one and the human hair in the other. The boys failed to get an order but did a roaring trade at a queue for a sporting event, although I swear no butter went in their sarnies- first thing I check for. Kate rolled her eyes at Yasmina’s tip to sex up the food on offer at the reception and consequently makes herself look a complete tit when trying to win the business. Margaret has her head in her hands already! The boys go in quoting for a full event when the spec was for a posh buffet! Golden Rule Number One: Know your product, know your customer, don’t make yourself look a tit. The girls follow Yasmina’s plan to buy the cheapest food possible and stock up at a supermarket, complaining that the cheap prices aren’t cheap enough – you’d think the restaurant owner would be familiar with the phrase “cash’n’carry” wouldn’t you? The boys did at least have a bit of variety in their foods – the girls went with tomato and basil. And some cheese. And basil. And tomato. And some tuna. And basil. And tomato. Oh, and loads and loads of lettuce! And some doorsteps to put the tomato and basil on. Mmmmmmm. Both teams unsurprisingly had money docked by the clients – the girls for the quality of their food, the boys for wearing togas, which put everyone off theirs. Nick wins Quote of the Week this time: “Margaret’s a foodie; it was a very distressing time for her.” I’ve no idea what Adrian’s quote of the week was, other than it was Ben. It sounded like “Gwnmhdsgfurbvkskphdbjhtbndbg.” Which was maybe the point.

The girls won, Rocky took James, the one with foot and mouth disease, and Howard, back into the board room but it was he who got the bullet. On that showing though, I’d rather buy a sarnie from Rocky than eat at Yasmina’s restaurant.

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  1. Lisa

    I completely agree!! Rocky may have made no money but at least he made decent food that lacked hairs and God knows what else!!!

    I felt so sorry for the poor sod who paid 3.50 for a chicken wrap which contained just lettuce!! Even the ones with chicken had no dressing, no sauce but on the up side there was plenty of tomato!!

  2. Rosie Christie

    I know £3.50 for thaaaat?!  Even if it was stuffed with the horrible cheap chicken they bought I wouldn’t be paying £3.50 for it.  But it is London, I suppose.

    I can’t believe the girls won!  So gutted Yasmina didn’t go out. But still, I’m pretty sure her restaurant won’t be lasting very much longer.

  3. Lisa McGarry

    Not after that episode. Would you eat there? I certainly wouldn’t. It’s like Rocky owning loads of sandwhich bars but in the end still knows nothing about the industry. I’m about to start my own chain of bicycle repair shops… can’t be that hard can it?

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