The Apprentice: The one where they all get caught out …

Isn’t this fun? We all hate interviews ourselves but how lovely to sit in on someone else’s interviews from hell.  Typically, just as I’m settling down, the littlun decides to call me, saying it’s raining in his bedroom. Fearing a leak in the tank in the loft, I run up to find there were a few spots on his window, outside. I tucked him in, tightly.

The interviewers compliment the would be Apprentices: Claud calls Lorraine delusional; Karren says she’s concerned re Debra’s team skills; Claud tells James he has an exceptional CV – exceptionally bad; Claud queries Yasmina’s honesty; Claud insinuates Kate is sexist; Claud is really not someone I’d want interviewing me …even Kate he called Little Miss Perfect (she did get off a lot more lightly than the others).

Has Yasmina really got the business acumen?

Is Kate too perfect?

Is Debra too pushy?

Is Lorraine too chatty?

Is James too…well, James like?

The general consensus is yes, Lorraine talks too much; they’re unsure of Yasmina’s reasons; James is a joker; Debra can possibly change, but think she may be saying what they want to hear. Kate is unflappable but is she a robot?

The wannabes are given the chance to speak up for themselves, before James is told he’s a corporate man and wouldn’t fit in, he’s fired.  Lorraine is fired; Kate is told she’s made the final. So will Debra’s show of emotion at James’ firing work in her favour? Sir Alan appears to be struggling between her and Yasmina and finally: Debra – you’re fired but keep in touch! Seems Sir Alan is sending her away to learn to control herself before giving her a chance.

The panel and audience on You’re Fired agree with Sir Alan, Adrian reckons James got more green than red but it didn’t look like that to me. Still, he did get Quote of the Week again, with “Sir Alan kicked me so far up the arse I had his toes for teeth” although it was a close call with his “You’re not reinventing the wheel with me, just fixing a couple of spokes maybe.”

The final is on Sunday – the task involves chocolate. I knew I should’ve gone for it this year …

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