The Apprentice- Who Will Win?

Series 9 of The Apprentice has been a fun and interesting series with a bunch of clever candidates that have now been whittled down to 6. But which candidate will be Lord Sugar’s business partner?

Lord Sugar along with Karren and Nick have been whittling down the candidates who have failed at different challenges. There has been some brilliant tasks this series including the dating website and the caravan task and the farm shops. A lot of the ladies went first and the last two weeks we have had big characters Jason and Alex leave who will be missed in the show.

Now we have 6 candidates who have all done well in different tasks and could all potentially get the 250,000 investment.

Myles has shown initiative during the process and was one of the promising candidates. However, last week he did make a big mistake in his idea for a child’s ready meal and he was lucky not to be fired. I think he could be a potential winner if he has got a good business plan.

Nick is the most likely to win in my opinion. He has done well in most of the tasks he has taken part in. He has shown skills when doing pitching and selling and is the one to beat depending on how good his business plan is of course.

Francesca is one candidate I didn’t think would get so far. She made several big mistakes in earlier tasks and I am surprised she has got so far. However, last week she did get put doing the wrong task and I did feel a bit sorry for her. I think it’s not very likely she will win but may surprise us.

Jordan has been quiet during the process and we haven’t got to know him so well. However, he has shown off his skills in the tasks and we have barely seen him in the final boardroom. He can talk the talk and did really well in the last task when pitching. I think he could be a surprise winner.

Leah is a doctor who has shown she is quite determined in the tasks that she has undertaken. She can talk the talk when she needs to but I wouldn’t say she’s so good at pitching as the others. She is the most likely of the girls to go and win the show.

Luisa can talk the talk and has managed to be saved several times in the board room. She has shone through in several tasks and is quite good at selling and pitching. I do think she avoided cooking last week so she could avoid being blamed and she was very pushy to Jason making him step down. I think she will be next out.

I have loved seeing all the tasks in the Apprentice and I am looking forward to seeing the next couple of weeks before we have our winner. Lord Sugar has been coming out with some great one liners and I have loved some of Nick and Karren’s comments too.


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