The Black Keys – Tighten Up – Single & Video Review

Hot on the heels of my Attack & Release retro-review, I discovered that The Black Keys have a new album out (awesome) and they’ve got a brand new single for fans to drool over, Tighten Up. Available immediately, by the way.

Fully present and correct are those mighty guitar riffs and the immediately recognizable vocals from Dan Auerbach. It’s instantly catchy, and for someone like me whose first introduction to the Black Keys was Attack & Release, this single lives up to expectations while not being a complete carbon-copy of the songs on the last album. They’ve evolved, but they retain what you might call a signature sound.

I loved the video from the first moment I saw it. Pat and Dan bring little mini versions of themselves to a park to play, and the kids do battle for the affections of a little girl there. (nice moment: Pat pulls a doughnut from his pocket for Dan, a gesture which is repeated when ‘little Pat’ pulls out a piece of doughnut for the girl) The two kids end up in a punch-up, and when the adults try to separate them, they see the girl’s mother and end up fighting over her. With some hilariously gory results!

Brilliant new tune, and I really can’t wait to hear the new album, Brothers. Check out the vid below:

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