The British Soap Awards- Did the right people win?

The Annual British Soap Awards aired on Wednesday night, where all the new and old actresses and actors turn up for a glam night celebrating their achievements. The night hosted by Phillip Schofield provided our favourite soapstars with a range of awards from Most Dramatic Performance to Sexiest Female.

The first two awards of the night were the Sexiest Female and Sexiest Male awards. Corrie’s Michelle Keegan, who plays Tina, won the Sexiest female and looked stunning in a long gold dress. Eastenders Scott Maslen, who plays Jack, won the Sexiest Male award for the third time and joked around on stage about the ‘serious’ award. The next award was for the Villian of the Year and I was expecting either Don Gilet for Eastenders or Kate Ford from Corrie to win. I was surprised to see Graeme Haley missing from the list, him and Jennie Mcalphine have stood out for me this year and I was surprised they weren’t up for any awards on Wednesday. The winner was Emmet J Scanlan from Hollyoaks, which was a surprise, but I was pleased the other soaps apart from Corrie and Eastenders were being acknowledged. He also won Best newcomer beating off competition from Ricky Norwood, who I think is fantastic.

Spectacular Scene was not a shock with Corrie’s Tram Crash winning the award, which most people expected would happen. Young Alexander Bain from Corrie won the Young Person’s performance award. Little Simon is a cutie and he was definitely chuffed to pieces to win. Corrie’s Bill Tarmey, aka Jack Duckworth, won the Lifetime Achievement Award, which was presented by Liz Dawn who played Vera Duckworth. This was an emotional moment and she didn’t seem quite her normal self. As Bill wasn’t there, his on-screen son Alan Halsall aka Tyrone Dobbs went to visit him where he was resting on holiday to surprise him with the Award. Bill, who also is not very well, also seemed chuffed about winning the award. He also won Best Exit, which I was pleased about, as it was a lovely episode.

Best Actress and Actor were won by the lovely Jessie Wallace from Eastenders and Danny Miller from Emmerdale. Jessie seemed pleased about the award and I do think she has been good during the Baby Swap. Danny miller also has had lots of praise over the last year or so. Jessie and Shane Richie also won Best On Screen Partnership and are showing they are just as popular as they were when they were last on Eastenders. Corrie also won Best Episode for the Live Episode and best storyline for the Dobbs and Webster dramas and it was definitely their night. It was nice to see Jane Danson win an award after playing Leanne on Corrie for so long and was so talented. I was disappointed that Lindsey Coulson didn’t win an award as I think the Billy Storyline was hard hitting and deserved recognition.

Eastenders won the top award of the night of Best British Soap, which shows that although Corrie won more awards this year, they are still popular with the nation. The awards were definitely more varied this year with more awards going to Emmerdale and Hollyoaks than normal, although Doctors didn’t win anything. Corrie definitely deserved the most awards and I think most of the awards went to the right people.

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  1. Rosie-Lee

    I think Chris Gascoyne was robbed of the Best Actor award.  Whilst Danny Miller does a good job on Emmerdale, I don’t believe he is as good as Chris Gascoyne.  I really admire the quality of Chris’s acting, it is so good that I think he should be snapped up for film work.  He stands out like a star when he does his bit.  His acting as a drunk is so lifelike that it makes me uncomfortable, having had someone in my life who was a drunkard.  And his acting with little Simon is often heartbreaking.  I hope he doesn’t get overlooked next time.  Perhaps Danny Miller won due to more of the younger people voting.  Not knocking Danny though, he is coming along nicely.  As for some of the other awards, well with a few of them it’s some of the same old names, regardless of whether they are any good or not.  Glad to see little Alexander Bain get an award for his amazing acting in Corrie as Simon.  A star of the future?

    1. JoPalmer

      Yes I definately agree about Chris Gascoyne. He is very talented and his scenes with little simon are brilliant. Alexander Bain is definately one to watch he is a little star 🙂

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