The Brittany/Britney Spears episode of Glee airs tonight!

It’s only the second episode of the new season of [[Glee (TV Series)|Glee]], but they’re already dropping in the fabled “Britney Spears episode”. As we all know, Glee did a massively well received Madonna-themed episode in its first season, which opened the door for other pop culture collaborations.

Tonight’s Britney Spears episode sees everyone’s favourite airhead, Brittany, fantasize an entire Britney Spears performance – with her in the starring role – after taking anaesthetic at a visit to the dentist. Along with her bitchy friend Santana, the pair rock the Britney/Madonna collaboration Me Against The Music.

Ditzy Brittany (Heather Morris) will do her own version of Slave For You, while Rachel Berry (Lea Michele) gets to (presumably) don the pig tails and schoolgirl costume for a rendition of Baby One More Time.

We’ve got preview clips from the episode – so go check them out. Heather Morris is looking pretty hot, and she’s fast becoming one of our favourite Glee characters!

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