Is the cancelled Big Brother live feed blown out of proportion?

There’s been a massive kerfuffle this year about the Big Brother live feed being scrapped. Disappointed fans have been commenting about it on Twitter, and on Big Brother websites.

But is it really a big deal? As someone on a blog I read yesterday said, all you’re watching is some footage of foliage and hearing stock clips of birds cheeping and traffic. I know some people feel watching the live feed is an integral part of the 24/7 coverage that Big Brother is supposed to provide, but is it essential?

Channel 4 claims that providing the live feed is expensive and viewing figures suggest that the audience for the live feed have dwindled over the years.

However, there’s a very vocal, dedicated core of viewers who want the live feed reinstated. One went so far as to make threats to chief executive Andy Duncan. That’s how deeply feelings about this live feed run!

What about you guys? Do you miss the live feed, or can you live with the highlights shows at night? Would you rather watch endless repeats of Friends, or is it you posting threatening letters to Channel 4 staff?

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  1. Anonymous

    scrap this shit show for good! its a waste of time and anyone watching should be shot!

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