The Darkness are reforming for Download 2011 and a new album!

Glam rock may not be the hot genre these days, but it might experience a resurgence with the news that The Darkness are reforming in their original incarnation.

A couple of years ago, this news would have been met with a shrug. But considering that there’s virtually no decent rock music hitting the charts these days, we’ll be happy to welcome Justin Hawkins and chums back with open arms!

The band’s schedule looks like they’ll be in the recording studio working on a new album between April and May. In June, the foursome will be taking the stage at the Download Festival 2011 alongside Def Leppard, System Of A Down and Linkin Park.

The obligatory “Why The Darkness Split Up” bit…

The Darkness gained instant cult status with the release of their debut album Permission To Land in 2003 and the awesome hit single I Believe In A Thing Called Love. Appearing almost like a parody act, most people were unsure if these guys were serious or taking the piss. 

However, the follow-up album One Way Ticket To Hell…And Back was less enthusiastically received. Justin Hawkins left the band, and without their flamboyant frontman, the remaining members packed it in. However, Hawkins bummed about in his post-Darkness career, never quite sticking to any one project. Which was an awful shame. Really.

However, with the reformation of the group, the boys seem to have regained their energy and are ready to unleash a third album on the world. Not a minute too soon, in my opinion!

Hawkins has already been talking to the media about the reunion:

The main thing for us is to make sure that musically we turn the experience into something positive again.

We’ve been remembering why it was so much fun in the first place, just four men making loud music in a room.

He also says that his signature one-piece stage costumes may be receiving an update:

I think it should be a new phase and that should be extended to the clothing. Not a lesser phase, if anything a cranked up version. They’ll be more good.

Excited, folks?

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