The Dodos give Time To Die an early release after it leaks online

The Dodos - Time To Die

Directly from our ‘shutting the stable door after the horse has bolted’ department: news that San Fransiscan trio The Dodos have released a dedicated website for their forthcoming album Time To Die.

It’s an all too common problem for bands in the Internet age – work your ass off on an album only for some arse to leak it on the web before you’ve even had a chance to pay for the studio time.

With limited options, the band have chosen to launch a website dedicated to the new album. You can stream the entire album right now and get a free MP3 download of their Fables track. The band are also bringing forward the digital release of the album to right now in response to the leak. The physical release is 31st August in the UK and 15th September in the USA.

The unfortunate leakage may have a silver lining though: I’d heard of the band before but never been compelled to check out their work. However, I’ve been streaming Time To Die at dangerous volumes as I write this.

I won’t lie to you folks, this is challenging music, especially if you’ve been exposed to the blandness of the pop charts for any length of time. But the music is complex and engaging, and the songs themselves are…just mental. I’m loving it. The only gripe is that the player they’re using doesn’t seem to automatically roll on to the next track. Grrr.

Look, seriously, just go and stream this stuff. It’s fucking brilliant. And it doesn’t cost anything.

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