The evolution of the Doctor Who theme tune

For those of us who weren’t born in time to see the first ever Doctor Who episode, here’s a video which runs all the Doctor Who themes end to end. Yes, from Hartnell right up to Smith, this gives you all the intro sequences to Doctor Who. In a way, I’m a little bit sad that they don’t still have a picture of The Doctor’s face in the new series – it would stamp the actor’s identity on it a little more.

The video is part of a set created by YouTube user Brian Rimmer, who has a series of different Doctor Who-themed mash-ups: some of the companions throughout the series, some showing the various regeneration sequences The Doctor has enjoyed.

Check out a very thorough list of the companions throughout the series:

And now some great scenes of how The Doctor behaves after regeneration:

See more of these videos on Brian Rimmer’s YouTube page.

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