The Great Coronation Street Tram Crash! Guess who died!

Tonight saw a cracking Coronation Street double bill which ended with Carnage On The Cobbles as an explosion destroyed the arches at the end of the street, causing a tram to plunge into the street.

All of this is in honour of the 50th anniversary of Corrie, which is a sensational milestone for the soap.

Of course, it presents unique challenges to casual viewers like me, who only check into Coronation Street every once in a while. The whole show was littered with “Who’s the madwoman who’s stalking John Stape?” and “Who’s the nutter picking a fight with Lloyd?” We struggled to identify most of the people staggering around in the post-catastrophe gloom.

But that’s the idea, right? Reward the loyal viewers with a big event that’ll be dragged out at other Corrie milestones and hopefully hook a few more punters who’ll get caught up in the post trauma events.

Let’s talk about those effects for a moment though – they were sensational, weren’t they? I loved the one-two punch – explosion first, then tram disaster. Bodies littering the street, blackened faces and fire everywhere. It was Ken Barlow looking up and registering the speeding tram coming along and watching realisation dawn on him what was about to happen.

And how Titanic-esque was that tram coming down? Smashing into Dev’s corner shop first, then the tail end rising into the air and slicing through Rita’s place? Molly – the harlot – may have suffered a well-deserved fate for breaking poor Tyrone’s heart. I believe in electrically-powered public-transport based retribution, so the Corrie gods delivered fitting justice.

Behind John and Fizz’s wreathed front door, weird crap was happening as a deranged woman started waving a hammer around. Not a great idea in soapland. It wasn’t long before Stape had control of the hammer, and within moments Stape had added another crime to his long list of misdemeanors. Skull suitably ventilated, whatshername suddenly became a waste disposal problem which may now be solved by the collapsing buildings along the street. Dump the body, John. Dump the body.

So now, let the speculation begin – who do you think will be dead after tonight’s episode? I’ve heard Molly and Ashley will be pushing up daisies this week. And I’m hoping that Stape manages to get that corpse dumped among the rubble before it causes any more trouble. And then I wonder why I give a damn about John Stape anyway. Over to you, folks…

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  1. Rosie-Lee

    I had already picked my “favourites” to be listed among the dead, and these are:  Ashley, Molly, Charlotte (hammered by Stape), and Lloyd’s girlfriend (is her name Cheryl?).  There could also be collateral damage with Lloyd’s girlfriend’s nasty husband clobbered.

    I figured Stape would chuck Charlotte into the fiery rubble, because he can’t be found out yet as soaps like to stretch storylines until they are so wafer thin they are in danger of breaking.  In the future, I think Stape may either be killed off or will end up confessing all as he can’t stand the guilt any longer.

    The interesting touch is going to come from Gary, who will be absolutely rattled by what has happened, after his traumatic experience in Afghanistan.

    Dear old Corrie – they do seem to have borrowed a bit from Emmerdale (the plane crash, and Pollard possibly murdering his wife, although she was counted as a casualty on the ground.)

    1. Gerard McGarry

      I figured Stape would chuck Charlotte into the fiery rubble, because he can’t be found out yet as soaps like to stretch storylines until they are so wafer thin they are in danger of breaking.

      You just inspired the mental image of John Stape sticking Charlotte’s body upright in the corner with a lampshade on her head… They could drag that storyline out forever. Or until the maggot infestation drew attention to her…

  2. Ageing tart

    Well Gerard for someone who doesn’t Corrie much this is an excellent Blog.

    I’ve been hooked to my screen tonight and may want to watch them all again including the original episode they gave us from 1960 in Black and White.

    The crazy woman after John Stape is Charlotte a teacher from the school John went teaching at under the false name of Colin Fishwick.  She has the hots for John and has stalked him, sent threatening letters and stolen a key to enter the house and video all the rooms of the home John and Fizz live in.

    How these two are linked is because they disposed of a body together. They didn’t murder Colin Fishwick, because Colin got into a punchup with two different lots of people and was left in a mess. Colin discovered that John had stolen his identity and intended to blackmail John. Unfortunately for Colin he got into a scrape with someone whose wife he had been romancing and then had a mild verbal fight with John during which he collapsed and died. John and Charlotte than shifted the body into the grounds of the burnt out factory. When they went back the hole had been filled with comcrete and one assumes the body must be under the concrete.

    I see you thinking like one of the writers now, so I’ll join you. John dump the body into the train wreckage!

    Well was it over the top? I must admit I didn’t expect both dissasters at once. I thought there would one gas explosion and then a couple of days later the train dissaster.  Apparently they had to create several sets for this as practice runs to get things right and its cost a fortune to do.

    Probably a good way to get rid of several characters at one go although, if Rita goes that will be a shame, as she is a corner pin of the old Coronation Street and there aren’t many left.

    So here’s my thoughts on it,

    I think they’ve written out either Peter Barlow or Nick Tilsley. Who will Leanne Marry now, or will the wedding happen?

    I think they have written out Ashley the butcher, so he will not be going to France.

    I think they have written out Molly, which could lead to Tyrone following a depression come guilt trip story line for a lonely Christmas, or will he be welcome at the Websters after all?.

    My last either or is that they have written out Molly’s baby or Rita. Hope I’m wrong on these two.  A paternity adoption case would make an interesting story line but Kevin needs to admit the child is his.

    Will have to keep watching just to see who they have written out.


    Ageing tart





    1. Gerard McGarry

      Thanks Maureen! I think Molly’s definitely on her way out. I thought the Nick/Leanne/Peter triangle was tedious anyway, so if a whole gable fell on all three it wouldn’t raise a tear from me.

  3. slaneyvalley

    I don’t know who will be pushing up daisies but what a fantastic, brilliant episode. I normally don’t like these kind of explosions in our soaps but this one had me hooked. I must say, a very well written and gripping blog Gerard. I loved watching the first episode (much more kitchen sink). It was so easy to notice how things have changed so much over the years. At one stage Ken said to his mother how he had bought his first record that afternoon – nowadays people talk of how they have bought their first CD. Oh where does time fly? As I can not stand Eastenders, with a passion, I am so looking forward to the next few nights of Corrie.

  4. Rosie-Lee

    I do wonder if they will use that old stand-by storyline whereby Baby Jack will need a blood tranfusion pronto, and Kevin will have to step forward to say he is the baby’s father.

    I saw “Dev” and “Sunita” interviewed by Lorraine Kelly, this morning, so I would think Sunita survives.

    Slaney, I am not an Eastenders fan either.  I find it terminally miserable.

  5. Ageing tart

    Your Welcome Gerard.

    Does this mean the start of you becoming a Corrie fan?

    I’ve loved it for years and of course Emmerdale.

    Not into any of the other soaps at all, just these two.

    So far I do think, Molly and Ashley have gone, and if so they both made touching farewells, Molly to baby Jack when she told him she loved him and to be good and Ashley to a tearful and tension ridden Claire in that final mobile call to his wife.

    I think its touch and go between Peter and Rita.

    The baby survived, hip hip horay as none of us likes to see any harm come to children.

    Will have to see what happens to the rest of the cast.

    I’m curious where Max went before the explosion and the train crash. Although as Becky’s sister has turned up it wouldn’t surprise me if Max’s disappearance has something to do with her wanting more money.  How long will the police be hood winked for, remains to be seen and this is a story line maybes best resolved with a scandal surrounding a young mum who abandons her child for a romance in a foreign haven, meeting her just rewards.  I’m thinking that anything else could be just to close to the baby Madeline scenario.

    What do you think?



    Ageing tart


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