The identity of the 11th Doctor Who actor to be revealed tomorrow!

Fans of Doctor Who will be unable to sleep tonight, as word reaches us via the BBC website that the next Doctor Who actor will be revealed tomorrow on a special episode of Doctor Who confidential.

You know what this means? Well, of the four special episodes of Who airing this year, one is going to feature the death of David Tennant’s Doctor, and a regeneration into an all-new Timelord. We’ve known about Tennant’s departure for a while now, but I suspect when he leaves it’ll be a bittersweet affair for us.

Also, the production team have mastered a new technique in scotching rumours of who Tennant’s replacement will be: they take an actor tipped for the job, and give him a role in the show. This worked quite effectively when John Simm appeared as The Master, and at Christmas, when David Morrisey played a 19th Century impostor.

There’s much speculation as to who the new Doctor will be, and with Simm and Morrisey out of the way, the main contenders appear to be Patterson Joseph, Matt Smith and Chiwetel Ejiofor. Frankly, I’d prefer the next Doctor to be someone completely off the radar. I certainly don’t want them using the guy off the last Christmas special, the Titanic one. But the team also have previous in their selection of Freema Agyeman and the reusing of the Donna Noble character as an assistant.

One thing’s for sure though, whoever the new actor is (and part of me hopes it’ll be a female Doctor), they’re in for an awesome time. I don’t think it’s even a possibility that the new Doctor will be less than amazing. And although it took me a while to warm to Tennant after a frustratingly short run by Chris Eccleston, I know I’m going to miss his manic Doctor.

The next Doctor will have some pretty big boots to fill, but there’s no doubt in my mind that the new Doctor will eventually just as well-loved as his predecessors.

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  1. Aoi

    Living in the US means I have to wait six months to a year to see what everyone in the UK sees. I heard that Tennant was leaving, and I’m eager to see who’s next. A female doctor? Sure.

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