The IT Crowd – Are We Not Men? Episode review.

The IT Crowd

Having watched two episodes of this third series of [[The IT Crowd (TV Series)|The IT Crowd]], I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that the shine has gone off the series. A bit.

Tonight’s episode – titled "Are We Not Men?" -has Jen more active outside the office and away from the boys again. Same as last episode. Have they run out ofthings for her to do in the IT department? Instead, she’s off on a lame date with a guy whose sole comedic value was that he looked like a magician. Sorry, but Little Britain took the monopoly on that one years ago.

The true value of tonight’s episode was Moss and Roy. In an attempt to boost their macho credentials, the guys sign up to a site that teaches them how to fake football conversations. They test this down the pub, but inevitably end up befriending a group of football fans. Unbeknown to Moss and Roy, their newfound chums have an interesting hobby: armed robbery.

Roy discovers this when they ask him to help out with a little taxi job, and he unwittingly becomes their getaway car driver. Hilarity (kind of) ensues.

As usual, Moss gets all the best lines – when he gets cold feet about joining in with the group of men, he typically overstates the situation: "We’re messing with stuff we don’t understand. We’re through the looking glass."

Oh, I don’t want to be down on what has been a brilliant series. But where’s Reynholm? What happened to the corporate pisstaking? Where’s the creepy admin who lives in the back room?

I get that the humour in The IT Crowd mostly stems from putting the cast in embarrassing situations. But am I alone in thinking that there’s been a subtle change in the show’s formula that isn’t quite as entertaining this time round?

Whatever, it’s not bad enough to give up hope entirely, so let’s see what next week’s show brings. Hopefully a return to form.

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