The IT Crowd – Bad Boys (S04E05) – Episode review

Now that we’ve passed the halfway point of this series of The IT Crowd, it really feels like the series is hitting its stride. I’m glad. While the first three episodes teased out a few laughs, a lot of the humour felt laboured and the series seemed less than stellar.

Bad Boys sees Moss off on a crime spree while Jen finally gets rumbled for having no IT experience whatsoever.

Because the episode starts off with Moss in a detention center of some description, you almost assume that it’ll get to the heart of the matter quite quickly. It doesn’t. Roy kicks things off by making Moss bunk off work, and doing such an obviously criminal act sends the geek over the edge. He starts off by shoplifting, then descends into punching a colleague in the face, resisting arrest and much more.

What’s hilarious about it is that even an off-the-rails Moss is a tame, geeky creature. I loved him getting giddy wile ‘loitering’ on a bus with Roy.

Of course, while the two guys are having a loonnnnggg lunch, Jen goes along to a party for a new colleague. Except Douglas has set the whole thing up to get his employees tipsy and expose their professional weaknesses to the new personnel manager! A brilliant bit of evil genius from Douglas leads to Jen being exposed as a fraud – but quite rightly there’s a bomb scare that gives Jen a reprieve in the epilogue.

I’ve done the usual ‘pick of the quotes’ section, but I’m afraid where IT Crowd truly excels is in little bits of visual humour or snippets of conversation that don’t make sense in isolation but have you rolling around your sofa in stitches. You’ll just have to watch the episode and see what’s so awesome about it yourself!

Pick of the quotes: Bad Boys

  1. Moss as gangsta. “What the flip are you looking at? You think this is some kind of motherflipping joke?”
  2. Nicki: “I like your glasses.” Moss: “I’m afraid they’re not for sale.”
  3. Roy: “Jen, I have to say ‘Have you turned it off and on again’ like a thousand times a day. It’s becoming like a catchphrase.”
  4. Jen: “Someone said I need a browser on my computer. Could you install one, please?”
  5. Roy: “Jen, it’s infected. If this was a human being, I’d shoot it in the face.”
  6. Douglas: “I thought it was high time we gave the IT Department the recognition they deserve. Where are Mark and Ray?”
  7. Douglas: “I flew George Lucas in to see them as a special treat.” (Lucas slumps his shoulders and walks off)
  8. Ben: “Jen lacks basic computer skills, like thinking that IT means ‘internet things’.”
  9. Moss: “I think this might be a bomb disposal robot, Roy…”
  10. Bomb disposal guy: “I’m having a couple of problems with it.” Moss: “What system does it use?” Bomb disposal guy: “Vista.” Moss: “We’re all going to die.”

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