The IT Crowd – Jen The Fredo (S04E01) – Episode review

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The IT Crowd returns for an amazing fourth series, and an already confirmed fifth series is already in the pipeline. There’s no part of society today who hasn’t been touched by the ubiqutous IT department – whether you’ve worked in the geek-steeped dungeons of a huge corporation, or you’ve had to enlist the help of a socially-maladjusted whiz-kid to unfreeze your computer.

Graham Linehan’s fabulous trio of misfits return, along with their lunatic boss Douglas. It feels like the first episode should have been bigger, more packed. But this is comedy, and not a drama, so let’s drop that point.

Anyway, I’ve been having a good think about the best way to blog about episodes of the IT Crowd. Since it’s more of a comedy, instead of a long-winded recap, I’m going to highlight my ten highlights from Jen The Fredo. Feel free to suggest your own in the comments section!

  1. Douglas calls Jen “Sugartits” after she challenges Reynholm Industries’ track record on sexual discrimination.
  2. Roy going to the trouble of photoshopping his girlfriend out of all their photos. Betcha that was done on Reynholm’s time.
  3. Jen’s main qualification for the role of Entertainment Manager? “I love culture. I’ve seen We Will Rock You four times.”
  4. Jen taking a group of randy businessmen to a performance of The Vagina Monologues. What man hasn’t wanted that show to be about “talking fannies”?
  5. Moss snipes back when Roy questions his experience with women: “Oh shut up Dumpo, the elephant who got dumped.”
  6. Douglas knows how to charm the Women’s Lib movement: “I like my women like I like my toast. Hot, and consumable with butter.”
  7. The payoff for Moss when one of the businessmen calls his tension music “ruddy mysterious”. Great moment, and incredibly well set up.
  8. Jen’s pep talk to Roy sounds more like pimp talk: “Then fake it sweetheart, you’re getting paid good money for this.”
  9. Not only does Moss enthrall the business types with his role-playing game, he reduces them all to tears with his geeky attempt to give Roy closure with his girlfriend. Great scene, hilariously played by Richard Ayoade and Chris O’Dowd.
  10. Douglas disposes of his shithead award out his office window, conveniently smashing a windscreen right next to Jen and making her fear her unstable boss wants her dead. Just like Fredo.

Quotes extra!

I’ve included a few quotes in the highlights above, but here are a few extra lines that I loved in this episode:

  • Jen: “I don’t need to remind you of the report that denounced Reynholm Industries as an institutionally sexist organisation.” Douglas: “Now listen here, Sugartits.”
  • Moss shares his wisdom about women: “What’s going on inside their little heads? Don’t ask me, I’m not a flippin’ women psychiatrist. But I have learned one or two things from conversations with my mother.”
  • Roy: “Fredo, he was sort of a pimp.” Moss: “No, he took the ring to Mordor.”
  • Moss won’t have anybody looking down on his fantasy world: “Are dragons gay, Phil?”
  • Moss: “So gentlemen, are you prepared to open your minds and travel to worlds hitherto undreamed of?”
  • Moss: “You know how the people of Pipsy Hollow love a parade.”

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  1. Jeffrey Scott

    Three of my favourite moments?

    1.) Jen explaining to Douglas it’s not an ice cream headed trophy.

    2.) Jen calling the women prostitutes.

    3.) The women telling Douglas “ONE of the women in your IT Department” reported him.

  2. steelcitylambrit

    I so love the IT Crowd – haven’t been able to catch up with it for a while, have got loads of episodes to catch up on on DVR so will have to resist reading reviews here for a bit!

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