The IT Crowd – Something Happened (S04E03) – Episode review

Back for another IT Crowd review. Sorry if these are coming fast and furious, I’m catching up on all the TV I missed while I was on holiday!

While not the intended highlight of the episode, my favourite part was Douglas’s new religion: Spaceology. A satirical mixture of Scientology and Noel Edmonds’ universal ordering beliefs, it saw the deluded boss wishing for – and then using his vast fortune to buy – a helicopter and a ton of other stuff. Oblivious to the fact that he was doing all the donkey work himself, Douglas decided he desired a robotic hand, earning a scornful remark from Moss about who would get their robotic hand first – him, with his belief in science, or Douglas with his Spaceology.

Jen ends up copping off with a slightly creepy keyboard player in a band and decides it’s true love. But Roy calls her out for being shallow and advises her not to give her opinion on any of their songs. However, she does and decides to become the band’s backing singer which may have led directly to her boyfriend getting the old “We don’t really need a keyboard player any more” talk.

Sadly, it’s a fairly weak story for Jen, and it all comes off as a bit predictable. [[The IT Crowd (TV Series)|The IT Crowd]] has always been able to tackle clichés, but win out with the delivery of the jokes. In the last couple of episodes, I’ve found the sub-plots to be substandard and lacking in any real enthusiasm. I was actually glad when Moss didn’t have a major role in Something Happened, other than as support for Roy.

And speaking of Roy – it was a rather inspired storyline that saw him too old to mosh and having to see a masseuse. A male masseuse. A male masseuse who plants gentle kisses on Roy’s arse whenever he’s finished the job. Moss is aghast and helps Roy launch a legal battle to make sure nobody ever has to have their arse kissed by that man again. Unless they want to.

It was surprising to see how far they could stretch out a story based on a faintly homosexual butt kiss, but the many variations on butt, bike rack and other euphemisms worked well. The slow hand clap initiated by Moss and Douglas ticking off Jen for laughing at such a serious matter were the best bits of that particular sequence. And of course, Douglas’s robotic hand rampage through his office was hilarious, tailed with Moss standing in the doorway saying “I would have used my robotic hand for good.”

Pick of the quotes: Something Happened:

  1. Moss: So Mr Reynholm, how did the cosmos grant you a helicopter? Douglas: Well, I visualised the thing I wanted. In my case it was a helicopter. I drew a pitcure of the helicopter on a piece of paper, then I stood with my back to space, threw the paper over my shoulder and I wished really hard….Couple of days later, bought myself a helicopter.
  2. Moss: Sorry Jen, I find music both confusing and annoying.
  3. Jen: Yes, I really am that shallow, Roy. Roy: Yeah, I know you are.
  4. Roy: When did mosh pits become so unruly?
  5. Douglas: Don’t see a masseuse, they’re the biggest con of the 20th Century!
  6. Roy: You know I went for that massage? The bloke who did it kissed me on the arse.
  7. Roy: Do I have to testify? Moss: I can’t make that decision for you Roy. You’ve just got to ask yourself one thing – if you don’t take the stand, how many more unsolicited bum kisses will be administered by that lip happy bastard?
  8. Roy: You can dress this up however you like with your fancy words, but the truth remains that that man, sitting there, kissed me on my bike rack.

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