The IT Crowd – The Final Countdown (S04E02) – Episode review

TNETENNBA. For the record, I don’t think it’s an actual word. Well, it wasn’t until it was used in [[The IT Crowd (TV Series)|The IT Crowd]] episode The Final Countdown. As you can see, it’s been added to the Urban Dictionary in tribute to the geekiest show on television.

The second episode in the fourth series of IT Crowd sees Roy trying to convince an old Uni friend that he’s not a window cleaner, Jen trying to infiltrate secret head of department meetings, and Moss becoming a winning contestant on Countdown. What a neat little Channel 4 plug that was!

Roy’s storyline was probably the weakest of the three to be honest. Basically everything that happens to Roy leads to one lame pun on the word “windows”. I saw it coming a mile off as Roy shrieked “I am not a window cleaner!” at his smug chum.

I enjoyed Jen’s quick change of attitude to the departmental meetings – she avoided them at all costs until they became an exclusive club and she wasn’t invited. Then she tried every trick in the book to get inside, assuming that Douglas was being his usual seedy self and holding some kind of sex club – well, there were a lot of women in dressing gowns coming and going from the meeting room!

Of course, as happens every time Jen tries to climb the corporate ladder at Reynholm Industries, she gets swatted back down. Her misplaced ambition – to get as far in the company as possible without doing any actual work – sees her wander into an exercise class Douglas has been running. What could be worse than the sight of Douglas thrusting in a day-glo pink outfit? Ugh!

Street Countdown

Surely the thrust of the episode was geeky Moss becoming a Countdown contestant? Played to perfection by Richard Ayoade, Moss excelled on the show and was invited to join the exclusive 8+ club by the Morpheus-alike Prime. Sex with Countdown groupies ensued and Moss briefly became a star in a world of geeks just like him.

Of course, he managed to get on the wrong side of a former Countdown champion known as Negative One. Imagine Dappy from N-Dubz, but with an outrageously good vocabulary, and you’re in the right place. David Crow should come in for special mention here because his performance almost stole the show from Ayoade, and he’s surely got to make a comeback on the show as a perfect nemesis for Moss.

Anyway, the highlight of the episode was the impromptu game of ‘Street Countdown’ – exactly the same as regular Countdown, but played on the street – between Moss and Negative One. Some fantastic smack talk between the two characters and a 16 letter puzzle to solve. Moss, of course, defeats Negative One with an effortless joke made using the full 16 letters. See the quotes section for the full transcript!

Pick of the quotes, The Final Countdown:

  1. Roy: From this moment on, everything is going to be different. (Answers phone) Hello, IT. Have you tried turning it off and on again?
  2. Moss explains why he never answers the door: This is London, Jen. It’s not someone with cake. Unless that cake is made of dog poo and knives.
  3. Roy meets an uppity friend from his university days: Don’t ask me what I’m doing you (mumbled) twat.
  4. Roy: This bloke thinks I’m a window cleaner. Bloke I went to college with…the creature he was with…and he thinks I’m a window cleaner.
  5. Moss: If you call that mindless, animalistic rutting sex, then yes I suppose we did. Prime: countdown groupies are the most sexually voracious of all groupies. And the most beautiful.
  6. Moss: I came here to drink milk and kick ass. And I’ve just finished my milk.
  7. Moss: What is Street Countdown? Prime: It’s more or less the same as normal Countdown, except we play it on the street.
  8. Moss: I shall give my answer, if I may, in the form of a joke. What do you call Negative 1 sitting alone in an empty room? Overnumerousness.
  9. Roy: I just wanted to say – I’m not a window cleaner, I work in IT. With computers and all that. Macs? No, I really just work with Windows…

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