The IT Crowd – Tramps Like Us, an episode review

Hey, you know those bad things I said about [[The IT Crowd (TV Series)|The IT Crowd]] in my last episode review? Well, forget ’em, because every last one has been forgiven with this – best episode ever.

You know when an episode of The IT Crowd is good when you’re choking on a cup of tea and it’s streaming out both nostrils. A couple of brilliant comic moments in [[Tramps Like Us (The IT Crowd episode)|Tramps Like Us]] literally almost caused me to spray my laptop with tea.

Anyhoo, tonight’s adventure begins by referencing an earlier episode (from last series if memory serves), where Douglas bought a potion from a guru to make Jen fall in love with him. Well, the potion turned out to be Rohypnol, and after going on a sexual rampage, Douglas is eventually faced with paying out a sexual harrassment settlement. Of £500.00.

It turns out that both the guys got more in their settlements.

Though the upshot of the situation is that Douglas has to wear ‘sex pants’: electrified pants that give him a shock every time he’s aroused. Seriously, you’d think that such a shaky plot device wouldn’t be funny, but the slapstick value from Douglas’s sex pants cannot be underestimated – when he’s reading a car magazine, when he’s pouring coffee.

Roy tries to convince Jen that she’s not needed, and she decides to look for another job. However, things go quickly downhill for Roy and Moss – Moss throws a full cup of coffee at Roy, destroying his t-shirt, then tries to run away but instead runs straight into a door, concussing himself.

Roy ends up shirtless in the office and gets thrown out by the building security. Meanwhile, Jen quickly gets stumped by a basic question: What does "IT" stand for? And her usual rhetoric doesn’t seem to be working for her. Meanwhile, it doesn’t take long for Roy to be reduced to scraps of clothes salvaged from bins and begging money from people in the street.

Moss gets further traumatised when Douglas orders him to fix his sex pants. And Jen decides that the guys can’t survive without her and turns down June’s offer of a job.

Anyway, there were a couple of other bits I’ve glossed over, but Tramps Like Us marks the funniest episode of this series of IT Crowd so far. Like I say, the residents of our sofa were snorting with laughter every step of the way.

Best bits from this episode:

  • Moss (about getting £560 of a settlement from Douglas): I’m telling you, if that’s the kind of money I can make, I’m going to start dressing even more provocatively.
  • Jen phones Moss from her job interview to find out what "IT" stands for. Despite being concussed and not remembering a thing about IT, Moss replies: "You don’t know what IT means? This must be Jen! How can I help you?"
  • Finally frustrated with her job interview, Jen stands up to the interviewer and pronounces: "That’s why you need me – I’m your conduit, I’m your bridge. Ich bin ein NERD!"
  • Having damaged his sex pants by spilling coffee on them, Douglas strides into the IT department and orders Moss: "You there, computer man – fix my pants. Pull down my trousers and do your job."
  • Moss gets knocked out briefly when he gets electrocuted by Douglas’s sex pants. When he comes to, the Windows startup sound is heard. Brilliant.
  • June: By the way, did you ever find out what IT stands for? Jen: Piss off, June…

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