The Katie Price / Peter Andre divorce

The turgid divorce saga between Katie ‘Jordan’ Price and Peter ‘Mysterious Girl’ Andre continues apace. Tabloid editors are finally lukewarm on the topic though, because they’ve got plenty of prone politicians to fry right now. Who cares about a couple of random attention seekers?

Even so, the former couple are getting a fair amount of newspaper commentary. In The Mirror, Fiona Phillips has spoken out about the couple’s marriage and where they went wrong:

Ask anyone who’s been in a successful marriage for a decent length of time and they’ll say ‘you have to work at it’. Well, to give them their due, Katie Price and Peter Andre certainly worked at theirs.

They worked at it in glossy magazines, downmarket magazines, on telly, in books – anywhere they could, they worked it. And that’s why it’s not working.

Despite the volatility of their relationship, it’s clear they love each other, but life’s got in the way, along with those TV cameras and endless magazine deals.

I’ve always felt that Jordan comprises that axis of celebrity evil that included herself, Kerry Katona and Jade Goody.

But to be honest, I think it’s time for this type of celebrity to disappear. Peter and Katie was a brand, like the Beckham’s. Their celebrity attracts deals – not because of any talent they possess – but because they can get magazine traction. Hence Jordan’s frequent trick (adopted recently by Aisleyne from Big Brother) of exposing a boob at a book launch. While the tabloids don’t necessarily care about your poorly written biography, they’ll be more than happy to publish a picture of your silicone-stuffed udders hanging out. And if your crappy book happens to be in shot, well, no harm done then.

The problem I have with this industry is the vapidity. We’ve got to the stage where a couple of nonentities like Jordan and Peter are newsworthy when renewing their wedding vows a couple of years after they got married. You’re supposed to renew your vows whenever your marriage is long in the tooth and in need of reaffirming your love. Not because it’s worth an interview in Heat.

The thing is, other personalities like Gail Porter and Tony Blackburn are speaking out about this, and that lends some credibility to the claims that Jordan and Peter’s marriage was  built on shaky foundations. How much of what we read about this couple is fact and how much is fantasy? How much of their own press do they actually believe? How much does the public believe?

Most commentary I’ve read about this current split between the two implies that it’s a publicity stunt and that the two will get back together when they’ve got something important to promote (like Peter’s new album, due for release in July, folks).

Can you fault us for being cynical? Since their post-jungle romance, Katie/Jordan and Peter have been ever present in the newspapers. Every fart has been worth a press release, and everything they do has the hallmarks of being a marriage of convenience to both their celebrity lifestyles. Perhaps Katie felt the need for a partner to stay apace with Mrs Beckham? I don’t know, but I don’t trust anything that comes from this camp.

They are the reason I have nothing but the utmost respect for couples like Lee Mead and Denise Van Outen, who refuse to sell pictures of their marriage to the glossies. Denise recently said that both of them have jobs: they have no need to sell their privacy to make money. For ‘celebrities’ like the Andre Family (comparison with The Addams Family intended), their money-maker is their celebrity lifestyle.

Watching class acts like Joanna Lumley campaigning on behalf of the Ghurkas recently, you get a sense that the tide might turn against the vapid celebrity and we might start demanding a little bit more than cheap reality shows and pictures of their latest baby. Fingers crossed.

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  1. Jaye Nolan

    Totally agree – mainly the reason I don’t buy glossy mags or national newspapers! To cement your point – I had no idea Denise and Lee were now married. Think I read one line once that they were dating, ages ago and that’s it. Good for them!

  2. Lisa McGarry

    Maybe we’ll see the back of Jordan sooner rather than later. She was dropped by her PR/Management company earlier this week and is having difficulty finding another. Max Clifford has turned her down as has Gary Farrow who represents Jonathan Ross and Elton John.

  3. RandomEnigma

    Jordan and Peter are the most tackiest, has-been couple I’ve ever seen in my life. I remember watching their chat show about a year or two ago, they had Nicole Scherzinger as a guest on it! Now Nicole and the Pussycat Dolls had been causing quite a bit of controversy in the US with their raunchy dance moves and the lyrics for Don’t Cha.

    I’d love to see the Americans reaction to Jordan and Peter. While nearly every word outta their mouths was “tits”, “shit” and “whore”, Nicole came across as classy, intelligent and humble. She even looked a bit put off by Peter and Jordan and I wouldn’t blame her.

  4. Gerard McGarry

    Yes, I remember Nicole on their chat show – she looked a strange mix of baffled and disgusted. The problem with their chat show was that they made everything about them. Neither Jordan nor Peter were used to sharing the limelight and didn’t focus properly on their guests.

    I wonder that ITV2 ket renewing their contract, since their ability to pull an audience has been dwindling (until the divorce announcement, which has improved their viewing figures!)

  5. Anonymous

    How dare you say that about Katie! She’s a very good business woman and a very caring mother .. if you could get away with not doing much and earning lots of money then i’m sure you would .. it seems like your jealous ..



    1. RandomEnigma

      Yes well done Katie, I will admit she is a very good business woman who really doesn’t do a lot which is a great life really! But I’d prefer to be a better human being than her and earn things honestly.

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