The Killers’ Brandon Flowers announces solo album

After mixed reactions to their latest album, The Killers’ frontman Brandon Flowers is heading for his first major solo project. Word on the street is that he’s planning to release a solo album entitled Flamingo.

At this very moment on The Killers’ official website, there’s a ginormous advertisement proclaiming “The new solo album – Flamingo – Coming soon”. We can only assume that since it’s being prominently featured on the band’s website that this is a sanctioned solo effort and doesn’t spell the end for the Las Vegas based band.

No further details about the album are available right now, so we have all the fun of speculating on what a Brandon Flowers solo album might sound like. Is the little audio clip on the website a sample of what we can expect? Will it sell? After the critical mauling the band received for the change in their sound, will Killers’ fans respond positively to solo material from Flowers?

Over to you, Killers fans.

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  1. Robin

    I am so excited about this, The Killers’ style is fantastic, I didn’t really get hooked with their latest album straight away, but it was a grower.

    I wonder what this solo releaser will be like, I can see it either being a hit, or being a bit unusual and having a ‘cult’ like following…

    either way, I’ll be getting my copy of the CD asap…

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