The last Top 10 of 2009 – UK Pop Charts, 27th December 2009

This is the first time in months we’ve run a UK Top Ten post. Sorry about that. However, being the last pop chart of 2009 makes it special, and I’ve been thinking of resuming these pop chart posts anyway. So here we go with the Top Ten singles in the UK for the 27th December 2009.

  1. [[Joe McElderry]] – The Climb: Yep, after a fairly successful Facebook to flashmob the charts and ‘steal’ Joe’s birthright/Christmas Number 1, the Rage Against The Machine single drops to #2, allowing Joe to claim his first solo chart topper. And possibly his last if Simon Cowell’s success rate with male solo singers is anything to go by…
  2. Rage Against The Machine – Killing In The Name: An anti-establishment anthem with its middle finger held firmly in the air, Rage Against The Machine has still managed a respectable placement, even after the campaign that led to it charting is technically over.
  3. [[Lady Gaga]] – Bad Romance: Gaga’s continued wackiness/overtly sexual performances/brilliant tunes have been the high point of 2009 for me. Bad Romance has all those Gaga hallmarks that give me the hope she won’t burn out after one album.
  4. [[Cheryl Cole]] ft Will.I.Am – 3 Words: Speaking of burning out after one album… National Treasure Cheryl Cole knows that a celebrity pairing like this one with the Black Eyed Peas mainman will make up for a piss-poor boring song.
  5. [[3OH!3]] ft [[Katy Perry]] – Starstrukk: It shouldn’t work, but it does. The boys from 3OH!3 bring the tune, Katy P brings the sexy and gets wet in a fountain. Good clean fun.
  6. [[Black Eyed Peas]] – Meet Me Halfway: The third single from BEPs The E.N.D. is starting to wear a little thin. We still love it, but not as much as that Boom Boom Pow.
  7. Journey – Don’t Stop Believin’: Long-forgotten rock song gets a bland dusting over on X Factor and makes the charts once more. But for the best version of the song, go and check out the Glee version, which blows both the original and McElderry’s snooze-fest out of the water.
  8. [[Rihanna]] – Russian Roulette: I’m gonna have to call ‘Emperor’s New Clothes’ on Rihanna’s new, darker image. Russian Roulette hasn’t captured my attention the way her previous singles have. And (cue the violins) I feel a little bit alienated as a fan. Where’s the cute girl with the great pop songs?
  9. Robbie Williams – You Know Me:The semi-rise of Robbie Williams continueswith this second single and bizarre video. Can’t say I’m particularly impressed by this one, more of an album filler track than a single. In my humble opinion.
  10. Ke$ha – Tik Tok:Ah, Ke$ha, another body in the endless queue of blonde pop singers this year. A press release I received earlier this year likened her to Gaga. Sacrilige! I burned the press release in a satanic ceremony. Ke$ha is nothing like Gaga. I like the song, but there’s nothing particularly exciting or different about her.

That’s my take on the Top Ten. Gazing down the rest of the Top 40, there’s nothing particularly exciting. I’m a bit stunned that Pixie Lott has ended the year slightly ahead of Little Boots, considering I had a bit of a crush on Miss Boots.

What are you guys enjoying in the pop charts at the moment?

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