The Marriage Ref- a few laughs with pickles!

On Saturday we were treated to a bunch of new programmes to feed our Saturday night needs. Marriage Ref started on Saturday with Dermot O Leary hosting this new entertainment programme.

The Marriage Ref is an entertainment programme, which is popular in American and is where a celebrity panel judge a couple’s marriage that are having difficulties and decide who is in the right. This is a new format, which hasn’t been done before and did turn out to be quite funny. It was interesting to see Dermot back on Saturday Night TV and he definitely is suited to the role. On the Judging panel on Saturday there was the great Jimmy Carr who definitely brought a bit of humour to the show. There was also the strange choice of Geri Halliwell who seemed a bit wooden on the panel. The very funny Sarah Millican also brought some humour and made the show a bit funnier. These three on the panel had to decide which couple’s argument was right.

The first couple were having a popular argument of the wife leaving notes around the house for her husband with jobs to do. After much debate the husband was chosen to be right by the panel so the notes will have to go. The second couple of the night was my favourite being together for nearly 53 years and arguing over jars of pickles. They were definitely very lovable even though their argument was a bit absurd. He was basically filling all the cupboards with jars of pickles and she had enough of this. I did think it seemed a bit silly that the panel were giving this couple advice after such a long and successful marriage.

Finally there was a young married couple that most people could relate to with the husband acting like a teenager when the couple had a young baby. The husband who was 31 years old (which she kept repeating) loved boat shaped sandwiches and spent his time skateboarding. Unsurprising, the panel agreed with the wife and the husband would have to give up his childhood ways.

This was definitely worth a watch and had some very funny moments. It does feel like something’s missing but I will be tuning in on Saturday to see what the show will bring.

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