The most disappointing Doctor Who teaser trailer EVER!

Come on, Steven Moffat, you’re giving us nothing! What you’re about to see is a paltry 16 seconds of teaser for the forthcoming [[Doctor Who Series 6|sixth series of Doctor Who]].

Essentially, it’s an astronaut (presumably from the series premiere [[The Impossible Astronaut (Doctor Who episode)|The Impossible Astronaut]]) drifting toward toward the TARDIS. In the astronaut’s visor, we see the doors open and The Doctor’s face peering out. This is followed by the ominous warning that silence will fall.

And that’s it.

Well, not quite it. Doctor Who TV have posted a couple of different versions showing a bulbous-headed alien behind The Doctor, but in another clip, he’s not there! So, is this something the public shouldn’t have seen or is it a clever teaser? Hats off to the obsessives who noticed this – I don’t think I care enough to watch four different versions of a teaser looking for ‘clues’.

Apparently, a teaser trailer will be available tomorrow as a prequel to the series opener. Yes, Doctor Who season for 2011 has officially begun. Get ready to geek out, Shouters!

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  1. sgreco1970

    the doctor appears to be smiling as he greets the “impossible” astronaut

    silence will fall

    silence was in the library

    the next time they meet will be HER first time…

    the Astronaut is…. River Song.


  2. Gerard McGarry

    Couldn’t agree more – I reckon River Song is the astronaut. All of what sgreco1970 says above, plus River was wearing a space suit the first time we saw her in the library, so turning up as an astronaut would be quite poetic!

  3. sgreco1970

    what i find interesting is that River’s timeline has been ostensibly running backwards. When we first meet her, its the end of her life. Second time we meet her, she is a few years younger, and so on. As the doctor has met her, he went from never having met her to having had this wide range of experiences with her. now he’ll know all of that and meet her before she’s ever met him at all. nice full circle.

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