The Only Way is Essex- My guilty pleasure

The Only Way is Essex leaves you god smacked and shocked but provides you with giggles galore. The show started again for a second series on Sunday and with a show on Wednesday, the series is already being talked about wherever you go.

The first series of The Only Way is Essex was a shock when it first hit our screens. Who are these people and why should we care about their lives was across everyone’s lips. The girls seemed fake and the guys seemed sleazy but from the beginning it had everyone hooked with the storylines. Womaniser Mark was going through the girls of Essex after splitting with on/off girlfriend Lauren. There was also Amy, a sweet girl who taught everyone about having a ‘Vajazzle’ and her best friend Sam and cousin Harry who provided everyone with laughs. Nanny Patt was also a highlight, giving Mark advice and making her now famous ‘Sausage Platt’. The series ended and was even brought back for a Christmas Special where Mark went off with Sam at the end of the episode.

This second series has already started with a bang, providing some new characters and storylines are already building up. Wednesday showed us a shock proposal between Mark and Lauren, which left people wondering if the relationship is real. Although the programme admits they set up people in situations, they claim there is no script. Sometimes the conversations seem a bit forced but when seeing interviews in real life with the stars of the show, they all seem exactly the same. This series highlight already has been Nanny Patt in her brightly coloured swimming hat. Also the surprise popularity of Arg has shown him coming to the front of the programme, looking at his relationship with girlfriend Lydia. His driving lessons with Lydia’s mum on Wednesday were brilliant and he is a sweet guy.

So I have to admit, The Only Way is Essex is definitely a guilty pleasure and is some light relief. I can imagine it will get more and more popular!

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