The Only Way Is Essex Review – Sunday 3rd April by WotB


This would be my first post on Unreality, I’ve been meaning to do this for quite some time, but in a job where saving lives comes first and foremost, you can understand why posting about TOWIE has gone on ye olde backburner.

As a newcomer to The Only Way Is Essex, I can say that yes, they are so far removed from what I would call normality, that I can’t turn away.

I find myself, as a 20-something year old, on a Sunday and Wednesday night, clearing a slot in my jampacked TV schedule to watch the tanned buffoons live and partly act their way through a series of what I know consider to be hilarious.

Tonight saw the aftermath of spoilt lad Kirk, breaking up with weird shaped head Lauren Pope.

It was classic. Basically, Lucy and Kirk ended up trying to have dinner in the same place Lauren and her friend were having drinks. It all went a bit pete-tong.

Kirk tried to speak to Lauren, Lauren demands Lucy leave. Then Lauren’s friend gets involved and the best line that I have heard since I started watching TOWIE was “fcuk of you’re just an extra” – Laugh out loud material indeed!

Then this little scenario starts to bore me and in the end Kirk goes all wimpy and confesses his love to Lauren, but Lauren tells him where to go. – Despite the fact that I don’t really like Lauren, I gave her props for walking away from the CLEARLY confused Kirk.

Before I bid farewell and head to the land of nod, I have to point out to the fact that Lydia is only TWENTY years old!!!

What the hell does she want to go and move in with Arg for?!?! 20. 20…oh goodness. Sweetheart, learn from my mistake. Do. Not. Go. There. You are too young. You need to concentrate on getting rid of your mom’s frizzy hair before you start thinking about settling down.

I’m all TOWIEd out.

Ciao x

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