The Only Way Is Essex- Is Series 4 Any Good?

The Only Way Is Essex is now one of the most talked about programmes in the UK. If you haven’t seen or heard of it, you must have been living under a rock for the last year or two! We are now in series 4 but is it just as good as it used to be?

The Only Way Is Essex began in 2010 with the main characters, Mark, Lauren, Kirk, Amy, Harry, Arg and Sam being introduced to the public. The show ran for 4 weeks before returning for a Christmas series after the popularity of the first series. The second series was just as popular with new legendary characters such as Joey Essex and cousin Chloe, who are now main characters. We also were introduced to Gemma who has gained huge popularity too.  When the third series returned, Amy was no longer part of the show and at the end of the third series Mark decided to leave and also Kirk left our screens. Harry and Maria also got booted off the show after having mainly small parts in other series.

The forth series had to have new characters after the huge loss of Mark who had been the main character with everyone really being connected through him. Lucy and Mario have come to the front of the show as main characters, as have Lydia and Mark. Chloe and Joey are also now main characters as well as both Laurens.

The first new character we have been introduced to is Georgia. She is a property developer and seems to be an interesting character. She has so far been a love interest for Joey Essex who took a shine to her in the first episode but it is not a mutual attraction.

Another new character is Diags who has come into the show as Joey’s best mate. In the last series Joey was close to Kirk so it made sense for him to have a friend in the show. Diags is quite a good addition to the show. He reminds me of when we first met Arg and I love his reactions to Joey’s quirky style and stupid ideas.

We also have been recently introduced to Ricky who is Lydia’s old friend. He seems to be a bit of a flirt and will be a love interest for Cara.

The shows so far have concentrated on the relationships between Arg and Lydia and Lucy and Mario. Are and Lydia split up at the start and Arg can’t get over their relationship. I do feel sorry for Arg and I miss his friendship with Mark. Lydia seems quite sure about not taking him back but we found out last week that they supposedly slept together again so were not sure what’s happening there. I think they will get back together again but when the cameras have gone perhaps. Lucy and Mario have also been interesting with them splitting up after she found texts and emails from lots of girls. The pair went on a romantic date last week so i think it’s back on. We also have seen Chloe do some hilarious things and Joey and Diags have been funny too. I also have a soft spot for Cara and Billi’s dogs and thought it was hilarious when they were doing yoga. I’m disappointed we haven’t seen Gemma so much this series and we haven’t seen Nanna Pat as much either. I think there is still a place for the two Laurens and I would like to see them find some love.

I think Only Way Is Essex is just as strong as ever, however I do think it’s sad that Mark is no longer in the series. I think that it can still last as long as it does keep some originals to keep it going and makes sense how people know each other.  


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